Suicide attack in Amsterdam

Last Sunday a 22 year old Islamic terrorist named Bilal Bajaka walked into a police station in Amsterdam and directly started knifing the first police officers he saw. As all Dutch police officers are armed, this was clearly a suicide mission. During his mission he was shot dead by one of the attacked officers. Who her self and a colleague narrowly escaped dead her self after being stabbed in breast, face, neck and back. Their lives could only be saved after a night long surgery in the hospital.

Bilal the Dutch-Moroccan terrorist was well known to the police. He was a felon befriended to other, now convicted, Dutch Islamic terrorists. But he was never charged for terrorism due to lack of evidence. He was however a violent convicted felon who already at age 13 was convicted for attacking someone with a screwdriver and wounding that persons head (for which he was convicted and did community service). Later he was convicted for multiple other crimes, but in the Netherlands that does not add up to very long prison sentences.

From April of this year, he was locked up, by court order, in a psychiatric clinic for his “suicidal” tendencies (Which of course has nothing to do with his study of the Koran). But in August he was suddenly and miraculously cured and was released. But last Ramadan seems to be just to much for him.

But this attack does not stand on it’s own. After the end of Ramadan, there are lots of press reports of excessive violence even murders committed by the followers of the religion of peace. But of course the media downplays that fact, just coincidence. Thus yesterdays terrorist attack of Bilal is certainly not reported as a suicide mission.

We are not at war you know.

The Dutch media now reports that the family complains about his early release out of the mental institution, he was still psychotic and had delusions they say. In other words, he is just an crazy nut. This all has nothing to do with Islam.

But strangely enough the local authorities fear riots in the big local Islamic community. Thus they go to the 'youths', to the mosques and the imams to explain to them what happened. Council leader Ahmed Marcouch is even sending his condolences to the parent of the terrorist. He is even planning to visit the terrorist family today, although their is no report of a visit to the wounded police officers. Friends of the terrorist can even come to a special room at the city office, were sandwiches, coffee and tea are served to them...

Update 2:
Dutch TV News show "Netwerk" reports that Bilal Bajaka his brother Abdullah Bajaka was the leader in a terrorist plan of blowing up an El-Al Boeing at Schiphol airport. For this Abdullah was two years ago arrested, but was soon released again, due to lack of evidence.

Update 3:
It's reported that Sundays attack was exactly two years after the arrest of his brother Abdullah. Police says, they don't know yet if this is coincidence. At the same time, the first reports of news crews being treathened by 'youths' in the 'multi-cultural' neighborhood are coming in.

Update 4:
Apparently the "youths" are shocked. Shocked that a infidel (a woman!) shot a Muslim. Thus last night we had riots near the police station. Government officials ritually speak tough words but unfortunately, as always, could not arrests a single jihad sympathizers who burned cars and attacked the police station by trowing rocks through the windows (police: "we did not know them").

Council leader Ahmed Marcouch said he sympathized with the jidadist family because they had to wait for nearly two years before their son could be treated for his 'psychological' problems. And newspaper Telegraaf now reports that while Bilal was in jail in 2003, Mohammed Bouyeri came and visited him. Mohammed Bouyeri was the jihadist who was in 2004 on a suicide mission slaughtering Theo van Gogh (although to his regret he did not got shot dead by the police).
Jihad riots at the Allabeplein AmsterdamJihad riots at the Allebeplein AmsterdamJihad riots at the Allabeplein Amsterdam

Update 5:
Media now reports that the sister of the terrorist Bilal Bajaka is a Dutch judge. That's right, a judge. In the Netherlands you can become a judge while you're brothers are terrorists!

Today was a media car attacked while filming the burned out vehicles in front of the police station at the Allebeplein. "Youths" who did not agree with the filming threw a rock through the windshield of the camera crew. Although there is now special police security around the police station, the police was not able to apprehend the attackers. I guess that is just how it goes when you want to appease at
all cost.

Update 6:
Biggest Dutch Weblog geenstijl, reports some interesting facts and write about how the Dutch authorities try to spin this jihad attack as just an act of a mentally disturbed person. But they also name some interesting facts the other media outlets have not yet reported.

It seems that Bilal has shouted in Arabic when he attacked the police officers. This could very well be something like "Allah Akbar", but thats something the Dutch authorities don't want the public to know.

They also report that Bilal just moments before his attack has visited the nearby mosque. He might even have received his weapon of attack there. Because he had just half an hour before escaped his supervisor of the mental institution. It seems unlikely, though not impossible, that he already had the knife at the time of his escape.

Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf reports that according to a manager of the mental clinic Bilal was not a schizophrenic criminal, he was a friendly and cooperative guy, who was never aggressive. In other words he was just treated for his mere suicidal tendencies. He also was from a well to do family and a smart student. And a Muslim.

It's does not seem a far fetched idea that this religious family, like most good Muslims, do not oppose jihad. But rather not want their own sons or brothers being sacrificed for it. So the family had Bilal locked up not for his mental condition but for his jihadist intentions. But as good Muslims they made everyone believe, maybe even them selves, that it was for his mental condition.

Update 7:
Dutch Weblog geenstijl has a video report (Dutch) on it's site. They interviewed people in the Amsterdam borough of Slotervaart. The Dutch people were either in denial or told how horrible it all was. The Moroccan people however told the blog reporter they could understand the riots. The police, according to them, does not have the right to shoot to kill. Police should always shoot non lethal in the legs. Unspoken, but not to miss, is the fact, that they mean that no unbeliever should kill a believer. Even in this kind of obvious self-defense.

Street jihad

The Dutch police meanwhile looks like a joke. This evening "youths" again burned a car in front of the police station. Again nobody was apprehended. The Deescalation policy of the government seems to have no limits. But the fact that the police keeps enforcing this shameful police, shows that the institution is rotten to the core. They lack any kind of self respect.

Burning car in front of police stationLet's do nothing

This peace against any price response of the government, shows that jihad attacks like this are apparently a very effective strategy in a decadent country like The Netherlands. It's really sad to live in a country so quickly degenerate to, to, to what actually?

Update 8:
Islam in Europe writes that Bilal Bajaka his sister is married to Samir Azzouz's. Samir is one of Dutch most well known convicted terrorists. I just wonder, is this the sister who is also a Dutch judge?

Update 9:
Today was the funeral service of the terrorist. Where? Well. in the mosque right next door of the police station where Billal did his attack. This was also the mosque he visited prior to his suicide attack on the police station. How symbolic.

BTW Billal will of course not be buried in the infidel ground of The Netherlands. The whole family, including his sister the Dutch judge, have now departed to Morocco where they bury him in holy Islamic ground.

The Dutch de-escalation policy means that they don’t arrest Islamic youths, even not when they attack a police station in support of a suicide terrorist. But that does not mean that this also works the other way around. Today’s newspapers reports that two native Dutch boys were arrested for terrorized an Islamic family until they left their neighborhood. An event quite unique, never before I heard of an Islamic family being terrorized and driven out of a neighborhood in The Netherlands. There are many other reports of people being driven out of their own neighborhood involved native Dutch people who were under attack of "youths". But in all those instances never any arrest are reported.

Update 10:
While the press reports there is some dissatisfaction under the Amsterdam police about the de-escalation policy AKA doing nothing. But the Amsterdam major Cohen does not want to change the policy. Thus this night the cars are again burning. But some naughty police officers have now actually arrested 4 'youths'. Now let's hope they don't get fired for such reckless behavior!

2 minutes walking distance of the police station

Update 11:
Last evening their was again a car burning in the neighborhood. This time not directly in front of the police station but on 2 minutes walking distance. Thus the police spokesman said she did not know if it had anything to do with the other car burnings. Nobody got arrested of course.

Last night also Amterdam Police commissioner, Bernard Welten, was on Television. He told the Dutch public that he was afraid of Paris style riots in Amsterdam. Thus defending his policy of do nothing, because so he said: “we need to keep the peace at all cost”.

Update 12:
Last evening the police for the first time arrest 8 "youths" preventively (Update: five of them are already released as I write this, the others were released the next day). Three of them were caught in a car full of jerry cans filled with gasoline. Thus today the Moroccan organizations started to complain and said they are worried about proposals for tougher action and repression:

"We ask the city of Amsterdam and the local politicians to take their responsibility and not to act impulsively but to make long term investments in people."

I'm not joking, after car burnings in support of the Jihad, they still dare not to ask for the restoration of order but to demand more money! The first Dutch criminologist is already stepping in to support their claim. Frank van Gemert of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam says the reaction of the police is already unexpectedly tough:

"I really can not imagine that there is really a sense of injustice under this group of youths over what happened at the police station"

But instead of concluding he just can't empathize with the true believers, he in is haughtiness concludes that there must be other 'root causes'. The boys are treated very tough already, he says, they have lost all opportunities.


Update 13 (Friday):
And again this Thursday night a cars was burned not far from the police station and again nobody got arrested.

Also in todays newspaper was police commissioner Hans Schönfeld who is part of the Amsterdam police leadership. He told that the group that is terrorizing the Amsterdam neighborhood is known to the police.

“It’s a group of 35 boys age 12 to 18. They are serial criminals, vandalism, violence, theft, burglary, you name it. It never stops. It’s hard to believe what they all do.”

But the police can’t do much about it he tells us. If they arrest these street terrorists, they are set free by the judges who punish these “youths” very lightly:

“for example twelve days in jail for a burglary. Although these youths are serial offenders”

Although burglary is a crime that in the Netherlands can be punished with a maximum of four years in jail according to the Dutch law. The police commissioner now askes the judges to consider past criminal activities in their punishments.

But that’s something Dutch judge have stopped doing a long time ago. They have in large part embraced the viewpoint that society is the problem and that their first priority is to let the convicted become a better person. Obvious then jail does not help.

How far this helping of the ‘victim’ criminal goes, showed recently in a Dutch TV documentary. They reported about statistics that showed that in many instances Dutch judges had given community service as a punishment for violent crimes like assault and rape. In one known instance they even gave community service as a punishment for murder. Indeed, community service for a murder, it’s hardly to believe isn’t it.

Remember the fall of Rome came from decadence.

Amsterdam becomes mini Paris

Update 14 (Friday evening):
It's now the fifth night since the suicide attack and around 21.15 the first car was burning again not far from the police station. Again no body was arrested. Not much later this evening Amsterdam major Cohen declared on Dutch television that he does not supports toucher actions because he likes to uphold the law. Punishing these "youths" to tough would be against the law. He seems to think that thats worse than the current lawlessness caused by hundreds of the "youths" who now ignore it.

Other news today: This week Dutch parliamentary restaurant started serving halal meals. And in an other part of Amsterdam Moslem's protested to get a mosque from the state.

Update 15 (Saturday morning):
Result of last night, two car burnings, no arrests.

Car (1)

Car (2)

Update 16/17 (Sunday):
For the sixth night cars are burning. Saturday night four five cars where burning for which no body got arrested. The same night more then 30 cars in a parking garage in the same area were heavily vandalized and some totally destroyed. Again no arrest.

Jihad in AmsterdamJihad in Amsterdam

But when three "youths", age 16,17 and 19 were filling up cola bottle at a gas station (they had no car). The police arrested them.

Update 18 (Monday):
This Sunday night, exactly one week after the suicide attack, we have for the first time this week no car bbq's.

Update 19 (Tuesday):
And wannabe Paris is burning again. See full story above.

7 opmerkingen:

fje zei

It's a great shame that you truly think Islam is the cause of all (or most) of the problems here in the Netherlands. If what the "youth" is doing here, is what you define "Jihad", then you are very very naive and have been indoctrinated too much. That you take a shizofrenic morrocan boy as an example of what the muslim community endorses, shows that you don't have any insight. You even turn and twist the call up of the Morrocan Organizations. They were shocked and asked the authorities to think before taking impulsive actions, and invest in people in the long term. That's really not a crazy thing to say. They are not DEMANDING money as you state it. I actually grinned when i read that...

Furthermore, you say nobody in the Muslim community stands up and acts. But it is Marcouch (together with some other politicians) that wanted "harder" repression, and Cohen that did not want that.

As to Bilal-the-so-called-terrorist (just a lone shizofrenic boy), it was himself that went back to the clinic after he got fired....
Check your sources....

Read further then the length of your nose... (a dutch saying)

Klein Verzet zei

Hi fje,

If you've rummaged around this modest blog, you will have noticed that we do NOT think the source of all great Dutch problems is islam. Moreover, if you read carefully, you will notice we do not blame 'the muslims' at all. The way I see it, the biggest source of problems in the Netherlands is a ruling elite that is so married to the fairy-tale that is multiculturalism, that they can't bring themselves to deal with those problems.

But if you are honest, you cannot deny that much of the problems in Holland relating to immigration and integration revolves around ethnic groups with an islamic background. You bring up Marcouch to show that the Moroccan community is not a problem. Yet it was Marcouch (together with Aboutaleb) that were spit out by the Moroccan community as being too 'cheesified', as selling out. This was one of the reasons Baâdoud won his seat in Nieuw-West. What does that say about the Moroccan community?

You may well be right about Bilal, that he had his problems. But that is not the point. The point is the reaction of the Moroccan community in Amsterdam. They did not offer compassion to the officers attacked by Bilal, they did not express regret over the actions of Bilal, saying that his death, while tragic, was understandable, given his unprovoked attack.

No, they reacted angry and upset that one of 'their own' was shot by the Dutch police. Reacting in a most primitive, backward, tribalist way they went on a rampage destroying Dutch properties and possessions to exact revenge on the Dutch for killing a Moroccan. Irrespective of the actions of Bilal.

In reacting this way, the Moroccan community at large showed lack of integration into Dutch society, a lack of acceptance of the rule of law and a lack of understanding that actions bear consequences. Moreover, the rioting is evidence of a tenacious unwillingness to integrate.

Aboutaleb and Marcouch were in a sense brave to voice their opinions on the rioters, because they must have known it would set them apart from the community. And hence they are prime indicators of a big problem with Moroccans (as a group) in the Netherlands.

BTW, how is 'asking to invest in people' not asking for more money? To invest one needs money, no? What else are you going to invest?

J.V. Sanders zei

U ontkent gewoonweg allerlei bewijzen van het gegeven dat dit wel degelijk een mohammedaans-terroristische aanslag was. U bent degene die naïef en geïndoctrineerd is. Weet u eigenlijk wel wat jihad is? Was Mohammed Bouyeri ook schizofreen? Zo ja, ontslaat dit dan zijn daad van het etiket islamitisch-terroristische aanslag? Klein verzet heeft klaarblijkelijk en evident meer inzicht in welke zaak gesteund wordt door de moslimgemeenschap dan u. U draait en u liegt: Marokkaans-Nederlandse organisaties waren geschokt door het feit dat de terrorist het met de dood had moeten bekopen. Natuurlijk is het gek om de brandstichtingen en aanvallen op politiebureaux maar op hun beloop te laten. Maar ik geloof graag dat u moet grijnzen wanneer u dit soort dingen leest. Marcouch en Cohen deden een tijd lang een spelletje good-cop-bad-cop maar ik vermoed dat u dit allang in de gaten heeft en zelf ook de islamitische zaak steunt. Nogmaals, u bent een leugenaar en een ontkenner want u doet alsof Bilal de Terrorist geen banden had met andere jihadisten. En ja, ook mohammedanen hebben een geweten maar in dit geval won de koran het. Een bron dewelke u er allicht ook geregeld op na slaat. U gebruikt de Nederlandse uitdrukking eveneens verkeerd, je kan niet lezen zolang als je neus is. Dat betekent niets. Net zoals uw gehele bijdrage alhier niets te betekenen heeft, behoudens uw tamelijk doorzichtige gebruik van takkiya.

Clustercell zei

Klein Verzet en JV Sanders are gay ponies

benhetzat zei

Ik ontken geen bewijzen want die zijn er niet. Als jullie zo dom zijn om maar aan te nemen van 1 of andere schizofreen dat het Allah was die hem ertoe heeft gebracht dan zijn jullie nog walgelijker dan die gek. Triest hoor.

En dan benoemen dat ik er "waarschijnlijk" wel vanaf wist het spelletje dat Marchouch en Cohen speelden. Waar slaat dat in godsnaam op? Dat is gebouwd op niks en geeft duidelijk aan dat er met u niet te praten valt. Mij een leugenaar noemen, triest figuur

benhetzat zei

En ik heb de nederlandse uitdrukking verkeerd gebruikt? Dat is slecht hoor. Volgens mij is het belangrijker dat u snapt wat ik in zijn totaliteit heb geschreven. En aan uw trieste, zeer trieste reactie is te merken dat de boodschap goed is overgekomen. Wellicht doet het u goed eens een dokter op te zoeken.

Free Movies Online zei

I deny any evidence because there are not. If you are so stupid to take it to one or other schizophrenic that it was Allah who has led more than you are disgusting than this fool. Sad though. And then name that I probably knew this from the game that Marchouch and Cohen played. Where does the hell for? It is built on nothing and clearly indicates that there is no talking to you.