Common sense or common con?

In Dutch there's a saying that is roughly equivalent to "the fox guarding the henhouse", except it is a little more subtle: It warns the farmer of the fox offering his services. The saying goes: "When the fox is preaching the Passion: Farmer, watch your chickens!"

One is reminded of that old wisdom when reading that EU Commission president Barroso is warning against 'climate fundamentalism' (NL):
In an interview with the German Bild am Sonntag President Jose Manuel Barroso of the European Commission says that the strict European CO2-reductions must be met through the deployment of new and modern techniques, not through intervention in environmetal behavior of individual citizens - those are private matters.


'If we start to intervene in the private lives of people, we are going in the direction of a totalitarian state. Therefor we should avoid any climate fundamentalism'
When the fox starts preaching the Passion...

Barroso himself is of course in large part culpable of the introduction of the totally unrealistic, probably completely unnecessary and downright disastrous CO2 goals that the EU has set for itself. But we'll let that slide for a moment.

At face value the fact that Barosso seems to be so committed to individual freedom seems to be encouraging. Indeed, Muriel Muyres in Het Vrije Volk (NL) sees in it the herald of the reversal of mentality he's been seeking for some time now: 'You can almost smell the freedom'. Barroso's sudden bout of common sense (such as it is) leaves mr. Muyres giddy with the expectation that we are on the road that will lead to breaking the hold that the cultural marxists have over the population in matters around our ever changing climate. It is just a matter of time.

I am not that optimistic. Even if in a negative sense, this is (as far as I know) the first time that an EU boss has openly talked about direct intervention in the private lives of individuals. As far as we knew this was not an issue, even if various directives emanating from Brussels did raise the suspicion. So, if direct intervention in the private lives of people never was an issue, then why say that the EU must avoid it?

Much as I want to like El Presidente for saying this (and he is completely right, if he meqans what he says), I have a sneaking suspicion this is the first step in a long and stealthy process to exactly that which Barroso is counciling against in Bild am Sonntag.

It goes something like this: We start with the first step, aimed at setting the general population at ease as to the intention of our leaders:

1) Of course we cannot do X. And we will not.

After some time, when things do not change of the better, somebody somewhere will produce a report, which will elicit the reaction of our leaders that:

2) In the most extreme of situations we might consider X, but only reluctantly

After even more time, another report is produced telling us the situation is getting dire (IPCC anyone?). Our leaders are then galvanized into action stating that:

3) Strong measures such as X may be called for. But we will not act rashly.

And one convenient crisis later this is transformed into:

4) Introducing effective measures, including X is an absolute necessity. And anyone opposing such measures is nothing less then a criminal.

Yes, it is circuitous and long and boring. But hasn't this been the way of the European Project from its inception? It was designed that way.

I so hope that mr. Muyres is proven right and I wrong. But we have witnessed the slow, stealthy and backhanded way we are being force fed a 'constitution'. We have seen the EU's unquestioning commitment to 'climate change'. We know how the EU has tied its agenda firmly to that of the UN. And remember: 'twas the EU that has criminalized pub-owners allowing his customers the freedom to smoke in his private property. Hence, I find it quite hard to take El Presidentes professed dedication to individual freedom at face value.

Farmer, watch your chickens!

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