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There's a new kid on the block: A Future In Freedom. AFIF is welcome edition to the very limted set of Dutch blogs written for an international audience. Mark Bogaers, the proprietor of AFIF is not exactly new on the block (or in the kit). To a Dutch speaking audience he may be known for his contributions to Het Vrije Volk and Hoeiboei.

His very first post, Starting a weblog, clearly spells out the thoughts, worries and politics of weblogs like his, or ours. His second and most recent, On bike lights and liberty, takes a look at the larger meaning of the ridiculous decision of our national police to crack down on... wait for it... non-spec bicycle lights. Head on over to read the whole thing, but here's the punchline:
But the arbitrary use of power by an ever-expanding government goes beyond the imposition of undemocratic European institutions and, seemingly more trivial, writing tickets for not having proper lights on one's bike. As long as the Dutch keep learning from their liberal media that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the redistribution of income or interfering with individual liberty for reasons other than public security, they will never see the larger lesson behind their frustration.

This is exactly why immigration has become so controversial in recent years while other issues have not. Few things have had a more obvious negative impact on our cities than a flood of people with completely different backgrounds and traditions. The late Pim Fortuyn and now Geert Wilders told the Dutch what they had felt all along.

But Mr. Fortuyn had more to say, and I fear that his message has far from come across yet. The easy public acceptance of "free" school books, socialist EU laws, and plenty of other government interferences into our lives, stands testimony to that.
Can't argue with that...

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