On morality and expediency in politics

Communism is dead! If that is really true, the rotting corpse of arguably the deadliest political system in in the history of Mankind, gives off a stench that is wafting over the political landscape. Not only in former Warsaw Pact countries, but in Western Europe as well.

Paul Belien was in Hungary. That visit inspired an op-ed about the iron bands of EU 'law' that are slowly squeezed around our freedom of speech.
While in Budapest, I read the German-language Budapester Zeitung. Last week it had a front page article about the adoption of a bill against hate speech. This is the same bill that the European Union is imposing on all its member states. It restricts the freedom of the people, who are no longer allowed to say things which might be deemed offensive by “ethnic, sexual, religious or other minorities.” In Western Europe this legislation is not merely used to prosecute genuine racists, but is increasingly abused to clamp down on those who oppose the Islamization of their countries or on those who disapprove of homosexual behavior. I did not see any Muslims in Budapest, nor did I notice any signs of homosexual activism, but the authorities are already putting in place legislation to silence the defenders of Hungary’s national identity and traditional morality.
Politics and population are drifting further and further apart. Not in just one or two countries, but across the Western world. The shape of things to come is still unclear. But the outlook now is a lot grimmer then it was only 15 years ago. Who'd expected that?

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