Slow going

As you may have noticed posting is down some. Both Ferdy and yours truly are a bit busy with stuff pertaining to our respective day jobs and assorted other Real Life (tm) interference.

Besides, news from the Netherlands with regard to counterjihad or resisting the EU encroaching is a bit slow. The quiet before the storm? Who knows?

Relations among the cabinet coalition members are a bit tense over the relaxation of the Dismissal Law. he political wrangling on this issue (the details of which I won't bore you with) could lead to a real life crisis, ridding us of a rather disastrous and disappointing cabinet. But for the moment the issue preoccupying the nation is the fate of the 170 year old chestnut tree growing in the yard of the house where Anne Frank hid and wrote her diary.

That, is seems, is also very important...

Anyway, postings will hopefully pick up steam in the near future. Untill then I heartily encourage readers to visit the usual suspects in the blogrol on the right.

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