Evil has to be stopped

The prophet and the proletariat - Chris HarmanAfter Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to leave the country there was only one Dutch politician left in parliament who dared to criticize Islam. It was Geert Wilders and although other politicians have called his political party extreme, radical, even racist, his popularity is still rising with in the Dutch population. Apparently many regular folks don’t think it’s racist to criticize a barbaric religion.

But now Doekle Terpstra director of the governments higher educations board has said parliamentary member “Geert Wilders is evil and evil has to be stopped”. Of course, these offensive political comments from a high Dutch bureaucrat has no consequences for his position.

On the contrary Terpstra receives wide support for his ideas. He has now joined a movement that has the explicit goal to use extra parliamentary means to stop Geert Wilders. Terpstra has made Mohamed Sini, directory of an other governmental educational board, the leader of the movement. This movement gets wide support and funding from a variety of other semi governmental leftwing front groups and government funded Muslim groups. The group also received endorsement by Eduard Nazarski, the Dutch directory of Amnesty International.

The movement has named it self “Stop Wilders” and is planning to organize the first mass demonstrations when Geert Wilders is going public with his movie that explains the violent nature of the teachings of the Koran.

Apparently it is in The Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands no problem to work for the government, represent the government, receive funding by the government and at the same time trying to suppress the opposition to that same government.

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