The Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands

(via Het Vrije Volk, Islam in Europe and LGF)

The Nine Eleven / Finding Answers (NEFA) Foundation published a report on the influence of the Brotherhood in the Netherlands.
"In the Netherlands, a network of people linked mainly to the European fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology have developed an extensive infrastructure, including umbrella organizations; charities; educational institutions; real estate related entities; and youth activities. This is not one single network but dosparate, yet overlapping networks. To work with different fronts has become a signature for the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology in the West; the Netherlands is just another example of this."
Apparently they have copied the art of subversion from leftist organisations: not a single entity, but a network of shady organisations and committees where curiously the same few names keep cropping up.

In this case the names to watch are Ibrahim Akkari and Yahya Bouyafa. But Tariq Ramadan, who's has been offered, but declined a professorate at Leiden University, get a honorary mention. Read the entire report here. And for good measure, read the Brotherhoods game plan (aka The Project) here.

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