Swallow or choke: The symbols are back

Next Thurday will see the official signing of the Lisbon Treaty, known on this blog as The Turnip and in reality the same EU Constitution that was voted away in referenda in France and The Netherlands.

The MSM around Europe and especially in the Netherlands is conspicuously quiet about the upcoming event. For all intents and purposes next Thurday is going to be just another Thursday, with a minor item on the eight o' clock news about the festive signing of the Turnip. And nobody will have any sense of the fact that we've come another major step closer to losing our own country, that our government is a major step closer to voluntarily handing us over to a foreign government, seated in Brussels.

Remember back in July when the Dutch government came back crowing 'Victory' because they got rid of the 'constitutional character' of the Turnip? Back in June we wrote:
According to Trouw, which does it's best to follow the party line, crowing as it does about a major victory for the Netherlands, the symbols (flag and anthem) are out, as is any reference to the treaty as a 'constitution'.
Well, the Dutch government, and more specifically: PM Jan Peter Balkenende, FM Maxime Verhagen and EU state secretary Frans Timmermans, may have spoken too soon. Via EU Referendum we learn that 15 EU member states have snuck in and signed a 52nd declaration, pledging loyalty to the flag, the anthem, the motto and the euro:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic declare that the flag with a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background, the anthem based on the "Ode to Joy" from the Ninth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, the motto "United in diversity", the euro as the currency of the European Union and Europe Day on 9 May will for them continue as symbols to express the sense of community of the people in the European Union and their allegiance to it.
Putting the lie to the Big Lie with which Balkenende c.s. sold out the Dutch 2005 NO: That the Turnip is not the Constitution. It is, even the author of the latter said so. Twice. The question is now: Will the Dutch government react to this provocation? The declaration may not be legally binding, but it is also clear that this declaration puts the constitutional symbols firmly back into a treaty that, we are constantly told, is not a constitution.

Lie upon lie upon lie
... When will we Dutch wake up and smell the treason? And why is the Dutch media not all over this bit of all-too-clever manouvering?

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