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Mark Steyn: 2007: The year that anti-humanism became respectable.
But here's something new that took hold in the year 2007: A radical antihumanism, long present just below the surface, bobbed up and became explicit and respectable. In Britain, the Optimum Population Trust said that "the biggest cause of climate change is climate changers – in other words, human beings," and professor John Guillebaud called on Britons to voluntarily reduce the number of children they have.

Last week, in the Medical Journal of Australia, Barry Walters went further: To hell with this wimp-o pantywaist "voluntary" child-reduction. Professor Walters wants a "carbon tax" on babies, with, conversely, "carbon credits" for those who undergo sterilization procedures.

Hamas celebrates its 20th anniversary:
Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you
And fun was had by all...

In Bolivia president Evo Morales tries to pull a Chavez and now his country his heading for civil war: Chaos in Bolivia! 4 of 9 Provinces Break From Socialist Government.

The US State Department is writing the declaration of independence for what in all likelihood will become the forst islamist state in Europe:
Balkan experts at the US state department are drafting Kosovo's declaration of independence, to be proclaimed by the ethnic Albanian leaders of Kosovo in early February after Serbia elects a new president, the sources said.
But Romania is breaking the EU 'shared position' on Kosovo independence.

Now that we have a Bali accord, we can start to look back at the results of the Kyoto accord sofar. Not very encouraging.
If we look at that data and compare 2004 (latest year for which data is available) to 1997 (last year before the Kyoto treaty was signed), we find the following.

  • Emissions worldwide increased 18.0%.
  • Emissions from countries that signed the treaty increased 21.1%.
  • Emissions from non-signers increased 10.0%.
  • Emissions from the U.S. increased 6.6%.

  • And for Dutch readers:, Willem De Zwijger on the Turnip and the Roadshow: It *is* a coup d'etat.
    This week state secratary Timmermans, in trying to explain is pro-EU roadshow, used news word: 'People must start to understand that besides a municipal, provincial and national government, there is also a European government'. European government, not a term that was used by established politics before the referendum or the signing of the 'treaty' - because it signifies supra-national authority, in laymans terms: superstate. A definitive end to sovereignty, the cabinet as city council for the municipality The Netherlands, Beatrix as mayor under Barroso.
    Too reinforce that message, here's Prof. Anthony Coughlan's analysis of the Turnip (again).
    1. It establishes a legally new European Union in the constitutional form of a supranational European State.
    2. It empowers this new European Union to act as a State vis-a-vis other States and its own citizens.
    3. It makes us all citizens of this new European Union.
    4. To hide the enormity of the change, the same name – European Union – will be kept while the Lisbon Treaty changes fundamentally the legal and constitutional nature of the Union.
    5. It creates a Union Parliament for the Union's new citizens.
    6. It creates a Cabinet Government of the new Union.
    7. It creates a new Union political President.
    8. It creates a civil rights code for the new Union's citizens.
    9. It makes national Parliaments subordinate to the new Union.
    10. It gives the new Union self-empowerment powers.

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