Car burnings estimate

Today the insurance companies gave some damage assessments of our reasonably quite new years night. They report that in The Netherlands besides large scale vandalism to cars and public property, also many private homes were attacked. Many houses got their windows smashed.

The first damage estimates of the insurance companies reaches a total of well over 11 million euros of which 4 million euros is said to be for burned down cars.

These numbers provide more insight in the number of cars burned. Thus let’s make a quick calculation based on these published numbers. Let’s say that the average insured damage for each car is 10.000 euros. That’s seems reasonable conservative, because most Dutch folks drive a fairly small car with, I guess, a new value of around 15.000 euros. Most car’s are not new and not all cars will be total loss. Also insurance companies only pay a part of the actual value of the car (or none at all!). If the insured value of each burned car is estimated at 10.000 euro, we have at least 400 burned cars on new years eve.

This means that our small kingdom may actually have beaten the French Republic in number of car burnings!

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