Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam

Renowned Arabist Daniel Pipes has the story that US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama practiced Islam.

The Democrats now have two leading presidential candidates to vote for. The first is a woman who symbolizes the pre 9/11 time of complacency. A woman who have shown to do anything to get to the presidency. Even if that means staying married with a unfaithful womanizer who disgraced her. The other candidate is named Obama who actually stands for a new America. One can only wonder what kind of new America? His name Obama sound quite like Usama and to make matters worse his name is actually Barack Hussein Obama. But although this all sounds very Muslim, he denies actually being one. But now there is proof that at least he was a practicing Muslim. This can only mean two things: he is either secretly still a Muslim or he's to scared to acknowledge he is a Islamic apostate. Neither sounds very appealing to me.

Although I can hardly imagine that any of these candidates can actually win, it’s still very troublesome that they can get this far anyway…

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Bun Bun zei

DUH, he lived in Indonesia and went to Madrassa there.  Both his real dad and stepfather were muslims.  Of course he practiced it.


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