Dutch attitude is slowly changing

Year after year we have been spoon fed by the Dutch media how popular the royal rulers of The Netherlands were. Each year we were reported the obvious lie that the support for the royals was over 95%. The media created the fairy tail that the royals were just symbols. But after the assassination of Pim Fortuyn days before the 2002 election, the opposition to the royal clan has slowly started to grow. More and more people came to understand that they were not just symbols, but that they were besides very rich also very powerful. Since then it has been reported that the royal family has access to ministers, government and the security service’s.

Also the marriage of the Queens children might not have enhanced their popularity. Prince Friso married Mabel Wisse Smit. She is known to have prior relations with the assassinated Klaas Bruinsma, a major Dutch Drug lord. But that was not the only interesting prior relation of this ambitious woman. While she worked for left wing extremist George Soros she had a relation Muhamed Sacirbey who is now in an American jail for fraud. Together they organized illegal weapons transport for Muslim fighters in the Balkan.

And although the marriage of crown prince Willem-Alexander and the Argentinian Máxima Zorreguieta is generally shown as a nice fairy tail. It’s also known that the father of now princes Máxima was agriculture minister in the civilian government of the fascist junta. Although his role was civilian, it was a crucial role in financing the fascist regime. As he also saved a few friends of being killed by his governments dead squats, it’s hard to argue he did not know how opposition was treated. Infamous is also Willem-Allexender defense of his father in law by referring journalist to a news paper letter by Rafeal Videal (the leader of military junta).
Some people in Netherlands don’t like the idea to have a fascist daughter as symbol for the Netherlands and thus jokes have already been made about her fathers involvement in trowing dissenters out of airplanes (around 30.000 people disappeared in Argentina).

But although these facts speak for them selves they only had limited traction in destroying the royal Dutch fairy tail. The lower popularity seems mostly be caused by the royals active support for multiculturalism and Islam. They more and more start to show them selves as leaders of this movement in The Netherlands. Thus last year 41% of the Dutch wanted them out of the government. But now after the Queen openly attacked parliamentary member Geert Wilders and his Islam critical party, an opinion pole showed that a majority of the Dutch want them out of the government.

That’s good news and could be a sign that the PC idiocy is going to be less powerful in the future.

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