Escaped convict received 5 years socials benefits

Only here, only in The Netherlands this story seems possible. A convicted drug dealer escapes from prison and after that he received for a period of five years social benefits from the state. He received under his own name(!) a total of 46.000 euro of the hard earned tax payers money. During this time he continued his criminal activities as a drug dealer. I guess they only found out because the guy was again arrested for dealing dope.

Now the losers at the social security office want their money back. But guess what? The court ruled against them: "the Dutch law does not exclude fugitives from social benefits". Not only does this means that the fugitive drug dealer can keep the money he collected from the social benefits while on the run, there is also a good change that other fugitives can now request social benefits.

Political fall out? Well, that's not how it works here. Our politicians are much to civilized for things like that.

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