Euro MSM showing the wires

Nothing is more deadly to the suspension of disbelief as seeing the wires from which the space ships in a SF-drama are suspended, while the makers are trying to convince us we are looking at the USS Enterprise wizzing through hyperspace.

Much the same way, German TV inadvertantly destroyed the suspension of disbelief with regard to our multicultural society in an episode of the ARD discussion program 'Hart aber fair' ('Tough but fair'). The German blog Politically Incorrect (D) reports how in the episode, dedicated to streetviolence by German 'youth', an ex-criminal of Turkisch decent is asked: 'What could the German state have done to make things better for you?'. To which the young Turk answers with surprising honesty:
Made it better for me? I can't think of anything really, because, really everything is given in the way of possibillities. You just have to look for it a little yourself...
In itself this is a stunning admittance, but it is what happens next that utterly destroys the credibility of the multi-cultists involved.

Confronted with the young Turks honesty, two other guests, SPD Justice minister Brigitte Zypries and Green MP for the city-state of Berlin have the following, whispered, exchange:
Zypries: Wasn't he briefed at all, before?
Mutlu: He was!
Zypries: He was?
(see update001). And all of a sudden German viewers got a glimpse of the nylon wires with which the multicult cloud-nine is suspended from the studio's ceiling.

Now, this exchange may be interpreted in any number of ways, but a couple of things from all this seem to be hard as fact:

  1. Zypries and Mutlu were surprised by the young Turks answer. Clearly it was not the answer they had expected.
  2. They evidently have come to expect that interviewees are 'briefed' to create the desired narrative.
  3. In fact, Zypries seems to *know* this has happened ('He was!').
This doesn't make the German press (and the Euro press by extension) look very good. It speaks volumes for the press's supposed independence that two political animals invited for a discussion were naturally expecting that the third guest, the 'civilian', would have been prepped according to their specifications. And one wonders: How long has this practice been applied and how wide spread is it?

Read the whole thing over at PI. They also have the video of the exchange. If you can't read German the Transatlantic Conservative has the story in EN. With a hattip to GoV.

[Afterthought] I understand from the comments over at PI that the MSM have not picked up on this gaffe. Maybe they're deliberately downplaying it. Wide reporting on it would damage the MSM as much as it would the two politicians involved. So once again it is up to us bloggers and blogreaders to out the truth. And maybe, if we make enough noise, the MSM will have to take notice...

[UPDATE001 Friday 11-1] Seems some of the media in Germany are taking notice. The Berliner Zeiting (D) has an op-ed in whihc they refer to the incident. They have a slightly different version of the exchange between Mutlu and Zypries then does PI. One that fits better with the video.

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