Fjordman Files: Januari update

[Monday 21-1] Two for the price of one today. Fjordman has started a more or less collaborative project to produce a piece that is to be translated into all the EU member state languages and spread around samizdat style: Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union. It's a first draft and not nearly complete, but here's hoping something good will come out of it. We'll be following this one, of course.

Then there's the ongoing saga of the continuing condemnation of the European counter-jihad by LGF and others (lately the Infidel Bloggers Alliance as well, I'm disappointed to say. But: see here). Fjordman takes up the challenge yet again: Regarding the Detractors of Vlaams Belang.

[Thursday 17-1] Fjordman takes a closer look at the EU and islam, following the Syrian Grand Mufti's (not so) peaceful oration for the EU parliament: Grand Mufti of Syria Threatens Europeans at EU Parliament, EU Media Silent.

[Saturday 12-1] In a piece for Dhimmi Watch Fjordman takes us on a brief tour of the history of the East Roman, or Byzantine, Empire: The Legacy of Byzantium (with a nice prologue by Robert Spencer). This empire is hardly remembered today, which is why islam apologists get away with the lie that Western civilization owes its existence to Islamic 'civilization'. But it is the Byzantine empire, and nothing else, that must be remembered for the invaluable work of preserving the classic works on which the European Renaissance was based. Know your history!

[Tuesday 8-1] A new year also brings new Fjordman files. In his latest offering at GoV Fjordman takes a look at the deeper meaning behind the existence of dedicated antifa organisations, with teh Swedish Expo as his prime example: Expo and the Islamophobes.

Regarding the Detractors of Vlaams Belang
Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union - A First Draft
Grand Mufti of Syria Threatens Europeans at EU Parliament, EU Media Silent
The Legacy of Byzantium
Expo and the Islamophobes
Is Ethnicity Irrelevant in the USA?
Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Why Does LGF Lend Credibility to Eurabia Deniers?
Our Offensive National Flag
Why We Should Oppose an Independent Kosovo
Book Review: Robert Spencer’s “Religion of Peace”
Charles Johnson’s Obsession
My Farewell to Little Green Footballs
The Truth About "Islamic Science"
Little Green Footballs and Racism in the United States

More Fjordman files here.

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