Highway arrest in Dutch terror plot

In a for Dutch standards spectacular highway arrest, two Muslims, involved in the Rotterdam terror plot, were arrested this afternoon. The two were arrested on the A58 near Goirle in the province of Brabant close to the Belgium border (It is said that the Dutch terrorist cell is connected to Belgium terrorist that were recently arrested).

Dutch weblog www.geenstijl.nl names the two terrorists: Youssef and Kamal (as commenter no2liberals notes, these names are most likly a joking reference to the fact the suspects are Moroccans). The same weblog also has a link to a exclusive video of the highway arrest of the terrorists. The video show the arrest and how a police officer is harassing the camera man of the local TV station who was lucky to be near the place of arrest (this kind of police harassments and worse are quite standard in The Netherlands).


Everything is under control. Dutch police now reports that this spectacular arrest was just about an armed robbery that was prevented. The journalist who was obstructed will not press charges according to the police. Does this show an other abuse of their police powers or are they just very persuasive? Anyway according to geenstijl.nl the four man were arrested by DSI and not regular police.. DSI is a specials national police unit for acting against terrorist and violent gangs. I am not an expert on uniforms, but if they were DSI they clearly did not seem to have used there protective gear and assault rifles...

But in a climate were the government is lying openly about terrorism and the security risks, all people can do is question all reports coming from the government in order to reveal the truth. And that’s exactly what Dutch most popular weblog geenstijl.nl is doing. Thus they report about:

* More security activity around the Dutch national airport of Schiphol, plus more strict security checks for passengers.
* The arrival of a C-21 learjet of the USAFE (USAFE 840110 Learjet with call sign SPAR 91 or SPIDER 91).
* The abnormal flight activity of Nato AWACS radar planes around military airbase Soesterberg located in the middle of The Netherlands. Weblogger Ali mobile from Utrecht Overvecht has a photograph. Normally the AWACS use the military airbase near Geilenkirchen and are not seen on Soesterberg. But they have done Touch-and-Go trainings before at the military airport at Soesterberg and that is exactly what they are doing according the military spokes person of the base.

I think it’s about time that our government is going to get honest about terrorism. Take the case of the striking police officers. In the Netherlands police officers have a right to strike and they are currently using that right for securing a better pay (I know it’s crazy, but that’s how it works here). Last Friday the government in a court case argued against the striking police officers who are involved in embassy protection and argued that they can’t strike because of the terrorism risk. But that same government at the same time tells the public that the terrorism risk is low.

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DP111 zei

We must trust the government and stop believing our eyes.

And ofcourse never trust weblogs. They are too partial and dont have the facts.
Trust in me ....


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