More 'enrichment ' of Dutch culture

(I've been busy to the point where this one almost fell through the cracks. Luckily Esther of Islam in Europe is on the case)

Recently, two Dutch service men taking part in ISAF, the international stabilisation force in Afghanistan, tragically perished in what looks to be a friendly fire incident.
Two Dutch and two Afghan soldiers were killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan on Saturday night, army chief Dick Berlijn confirmed on Sunday.

[Supreme Commander of the Dutch Forces, general Dick] Berlijn [stated] that the situation occurred because of the darkness, the bad weather and the difficult situation on the ground.

The [fallen] Dutch soldiers have been named as the 20-year-old private first class Wesley Schol and the 22-year-old corporal Aldert Poortema. They were taking part in a reconnaisance operation involving hundreds of Dutch and Afghan soldiers in the area of Deh Rawood.
Two investigations are on the way to determine the causes of this tragic, tragic event.

However, what concerns us here, is the less then respectful treatment the fallen service men received from ... well... some sections of the islamic part of Dutch society:
A number of reactions to the death of two Dutch soldiers in Uruzgan (Afghanistan) on the forum of website had been removed. An unknown number of users were banned, said one of the forum founders.

Messages such as "Allahu akbar! two violent criminals gotten rid of that have so many rapes on their names and civilian murders" or "thanks to this topic I can sleep better. Allahu Akbar! Wonderful news!".
And to turn this outrage into a bitter farce: The website is subsidized by the Dutch government to the tune of 135,000 euro yearly. Something to do with stimulating multicultural society and encouraging integration. That worked out just great, didn't it?

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