NETHERLANDS - 2007 Country Report on Islamisation

Europe News is (as far as I know, anyway) a relatively new outfit in the counterjihad. It is a clearing house of European and world news relating to islam and islamisation. Not surprisingly this outfit has Danish origins. Apart from a website they provide a (semi-)daily newsletter with the main items of the day in the same field.

This week they also published a set of country reports in islamisation, penned by specialists from the countries in question. The Dutch country report was written by the wellknown arabist Hans Jansen, himself a critical thinker on matters islam.

The report can be found here. The conclusion is clear, concise and unfortunately true:
On the whole, the situation is bad. The new Center-Left Dutch Government refuses to protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It has, moreover, the intention to sharpen the laws against hate speech and blasphemy. These government plans are an outright attack on the freedom of discussion and a stern warning to critics of Islam.

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