Please no flag burning this time

It’s amazing how much attention Dutch media and government are giving to a 15 minute movie that is not yet released. Thus nobody knows yet what’s in the movie but everybody thinks it’s going to be terrible. All because they know it is not about Jesus but about Islam. And that's a big NO-NO. Violence and terrorism seems to work, everybody is now demanding respect for Islam! I guess I have the fortunate position of seeing dhimmitude from the first row.

November 2007 The Netherlands

The imams would be stupid not to act on such submissive behavior. Thus today the National Council of Moroccans (LBM) announced it will open the doors of all it’s mosques when the movie is released, every body is welcome especially the unbeliever. They also call for calm in their Islamic community:

We don’t want [Dutch] flag burnings, then Wilders would toast on champaign. We rather see him with Moroccan Thee”.

No further comments necessary...

Update: Iran warns the scared Dutch politicians.

An Iranian MP says the Netherlands will face widespread protests if it gives the green light to the screening of an anti-Islam movie.

This does remind me about a story in Geert Wilders his autobiographical book "Kies voor Vrijheid" (Choose Freedom). The story is from around the time that he was still working for the liberal party but not yet a member of parliament (1990-1999). He thus had no diplomatic passport while he was visiting Iran in the story. During the visit he criticized the foreign policy of Iran and his friendly Iranian host insisted that he should voice his criticism in a speech to others. He gave the speech and told his audience that they should end their obsession with Israel. Israel is a rich country he told them. The Iranians should follow it's example and also build up their own country and stop blaming others for their own failures. The mullah's present did not like his speech to much and he could not finish it. And in the end he had to flee for his life and was happy to escape the country as fast as he could. Thus Geert Wilders his experience with the world of Islam goes much further back than most people realize...

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