Preview Geert Wilders his Koran movie

Openings shot Geert Wilders his Islam movieToday Geert Wilders told newspaper Telegraaf some details about his movie. I will give an translation:

“The movie is not just about the Koran but also happens inside the Koran. The edges of the book remain visible all the time. Inside these edges will be shown images of what the Koran verses prescribe." says Geert Wilders.

The openings shot of the movie (see picture above) shows on the left side a Koran and on the right the text; “Warning: this book contains shocking images”. “This Koran”, Wilders told the news paper, “I bought on a recent trip to Israel in East Jerusalem”.

After the openings shot, Wilders explains, the book opens. The viewer will be shown images from different sources. A beheading in Iraq, a stoning in Iran or an execution in Saudi Arabia under the sharia law. “Who thinks that's shocking, shouldn't blame me, but the people who perpetrated such things” says rightwing Geert Wilders. “We just show the different Koran verses and illustrate it with examples”. Geert Wilders does not want to give a release date of the movie. “The movie is still not finished. It’s so much work. It will at least take a few more weeks”. He did not show a preview to the newspaper either. Wilders says he can only show ‘something’ in February. The movie will be broad casted begin March. That's two months late on his original schedule.

By the way, all those nice previews of the movie you find on You Tube are all part of a big hoax. Geert Wilders did not yet release any video material.

Part 2 is here

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Update: Is Syria preparing anti-Dutch riots?
Respected Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen suspects that Syria is meddling in Dutch affairs by provoking large scale riots. He could be right, Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen already visited Syria after in a speech in the Euro parliament threats where issued by the Syrian Grand Mufti. Jansen explains that this mufti is not so much an independent religious figure, but rather a high Syrian government officials who is only dressed as an imam.

"if there is one country that could benefit from riots, it's most likely Syria. The country has lots of problems. Protest against a Koran critical movie is a good diversion". Just like in other Arabic countries, there are whole legions of government workers developing these kind of strategies. "Those government workers are making policies, they are not driven by heaven and hell". Just as the cartoon riots in 2006 were not spontaneous but directed by Arab regimes.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali defended the Koran movie at Fox News (Youtube movie).

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