A reasonably quite new years night

Just as other years, the Dutch government tries to ensured the people that this was a reasonably quite new years eve. But was it? Although the police doubled the number of police officers on duty during this new years eve, there were many serious incidents.

Apparently a reasonably quit new year means that the police get attacked and that riot police is used in many parts of the country. That in the city of Utrecht alone 30 cars were burned is just an incident (as in the other cities cars were burning). And the reports of buildings, houses, schools, and cars burning is just normal. A total of 800 fire incident were reported for last night for the city of Den Haag alone. In many instances the firefighters were attacked with stones, bricks, and fireworks.

Thus this reasonably quite new year had 95 arrests in the city of Rotterdam, 188 in Den Haag, 85 in Rotterdam, 44 in Utrecht (there is no total reported). Similar numbers for other cities are reported. The police in Utrecht reports that it didn't had enough capacity to act on all incidents...

What else might end a reasonably quite new year? An explosion? Well, not really, in the city of Vlaardingen was an explosion so laud that it broke the windows of dozens 100 houses. And in the city of Beek en Donk where 4 houses damaged by a (firework) bomb. But remember people: this stays a reasonably quite new years eve.

Maybe the high bureaucrats in the Dutch police force should go out more? Well one did. In the province of Gelderland a high police officer went on patrol and says he was shocked by what he saw. During his shift two police officers got wounded and ambulances were attacked.

Happy new year every body. It was a hell of a party!

The MSM is slowly waking up and starts to report about all the incidents.

Happy New Year 2008 Holland

Update 1:
A police station in Amsterdam was attacked last night by 'youths'. Result: broken windows, three police cars burned and of course no arrest were made. But that's just standard Dutch deescalation policy. Just like the last time when this same police station was attacked by a suicide terrorist.

Update 2:
After first reporting it was a reasonably quite night, Dutch biggest newspaper Telegraaf now reports under the heading: "Quite?" that hundreds of cars were burned last night. Heck we may even beat those French numbers soon!

Update 3:
The first reports of shootings on new years night are coming in. In the city of Heerhugowaard the police has started an investigation after two 9 year old children got shot while watching the firework on new years eve.

Update 4:
Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reports now on the 3nd of January that the police of the city of Den Haag is going to investigate the 109 car burnings in the city center. Also firefighters who tried to put out the fires came under attack of stones and heavy firework.

Update 5 (5-jan-2008):
Last new years eve 7 schools burned but this year 22 schools were burned. The estimated damage is said to be between 20 and 25 million euro's. One insurance company claims the burnings are all random fireworks incidents and thus have nothing to do with riots.

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