Slotervaart: Small but sad update

The aftermath of the Slotervaart car-b-ques (covered here and here) left a good number of senior citizens without a mode of transportation. However, requests to the Amsterdam council to help out these elderly fell on deaf ears. From the daily Parool (NL):
No compensation damage car fires

AMSTERDAM - The city of Amsterdam will not honor a request, made by a number of victims of the car fires in the borough of Slotervaaty, last year October.

The society for senior citizens ANBO had asked the council for financial compensation on behalf of a number of victims, but the Amsterdam council stated it did not feel compelled to do so.

Ansterdam gives as a reason for the rejection that the city has a duty of effort with regard to public order but not an obligation to guarantee it. 'The city made a good effort to avoid disturbances', according to the statement.
Good effort? Good effort? We witnessed almost two weeks of cars going up in flames with nary an arrest being made. Amsterdam 'youth' took to the streets and burned whatever the hell they liked with impunity. Methinks Amsterdam city council gave a school example of dereliction of duty. At the time we reported:
In Trouw today the lack of [police] reaction is explained as 'avoiding giving the moroccan youth a podium'. That's right: If we don't do anything, or say anything, the scum'll get bored with it soon enough. We are going to bore them into behaving themselves. And untill then 'tough luck' to any well-behaved citizen who sees his sweat-and-toil go up in flames.
And now, months later, we learn who is to pay for this mess. None of the 'youth' are, nor is Amsterdam city, which stood idly by as the youth went on their rampage. No, it is the senior citizens stuck in Slotervaart, not able to move to better (and thus more expensive) locations. This is how we treat our law-abiding, tax-paying citizen.

Or, in the words of GeenStijl (NL):
Of course there is money for the victimized elderly, but those euros are needed for supervisory tracks, youth workers, child interventions, unemployment projects and football fields for those offended youth. Nah well, in ten years all those elderly will be silent anyway...

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