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Completely unreported by just about everyone, first of all our 'ever alert' MSM, last December the EU took a rather chilling turn for the worse, when the Toy Parliament adopted the European Parliament resolution of 13 December 2007 on combating the rise of extremism in Europe.

While the title of the thing sounds jolly enough (as much as titles of EU documents can, anyway), one would be sorely mistaken if one though that the EU would finally take a stand against violence and threats of violence coming from the Left-Islamic Convergence. Rather, the text of the thig makes it clear that the EP sees the greatest threat in the extreme right, xenophobia and islamophobia:
A. seriously concerned at the resurgence in Europe of extremist movements and paramilitary groups and parties, some of which even have governmental responsibilities, which base their ideology, political discourse, practices and conduct on discrimination, including racism, intolerance, incitement to religious hatred, exclusion, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism, homophobia, misogyny and ultra-nationalism, and whereas several European countries have recently experienced hatred, violent events and killings,
Islamic extremist do get a nod in the subsequent article:
B. seriously alarmed at the Islamic fundamentalist recruitment and violent propaganda campaign with terrorist attacks within the European Union, based on the hatred of European values and anti-semitism,
However, from then on the declaration waffles on. That is untill we get to article F, where the victims of extremism are identified:
F. whereas neo-Nazi, paramilitary and other extremisms are directing their violent attacks against a wide variety of vulnerable population groups, including migrants, the Roma, homosexuals, anti-racist activists and the homeless,
Curiously missing are Infidels, women in general, westernized muslim women in particular and indigenous folk living in islamicized neighborhoods.

It doesn't get much better from there on.
1. Strongly condemns all racist and hate attacks, and calls on all authorities to do everything in their power to punish those responsible; expresses its solidarity with all victims of such attacks and their families;

2. Points out that fighting extremism must not have any negative effects on the permanent obligation to respect fundamental rights and fundamental legal principles, including freedom of expression and association, as enshrined in Article 6 of the EU Treaty;

3. Deplores the fact that some mainstream parties have seen fit to give credibility and acceptance to extremist parties by entering into coalition agreements, thereby sacrificing their moral integrity for the sake of short-term political gain and expediency;

4. Notes that the increasing number of extremist organisations, which often contain neo-fascist elements, can exacerbate fears in society that can lead to manifestations of racism in a broad range of areas, including employment, housing, education, health, policing, access to goods and services and the media;
And on and on. The whole thing exudes an air of supreme arrogance towards the native Europeans who have not yet given immigrants the shirt of their back.

That this might be deliberate, is suggested by a document found on, which deals with the EUROMED project. This is a project that few have heard about, although Fjordman has mentioned it in the past. Read the whole, rather chilling document here: Abstract from the Barcelona - Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995. There's also a Dutch translation of the thing here: Uit de Barcelona-Verklaring van 1995. It's a rough translation, but entirely servicable.

Go, read and be wiser (if a little sadder). The Turnip may have been the greatest betrayal to date. But it seems yet greater betrayal is awaiting us in the very near future.

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Arius zei

The Great Betrayal already occurred with the European elites signing on to the Eurabia project in the 1970's. As Bat Ye'or recently said it it's too late to stop it.


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