Turkish Tanks in Euro zone

Welcome general İlker Başbuğ and you’re 11th Army Corps, 39th Mechanized Infantry Division, 28th Mechanized Infantry Division, 14th Armored Brigade, Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the Turkish Force in Cyprus, Special Forces Regiment, artillery regiment and navel component. Today you’re sizable force of well over 40.000 soldiers on the tiny island of Cyprus controls a part of the Euro zone.

As from today the Republic of Cyprus has embraced the Euro as their official currency. Thus now Attila, the official Turkish name for the occupation force of Cyprus, with over 1000 tanks and armored vehicles is from now on not only controlling the future of Cyprus but also the future stability of the Euro zone.


Please not that the numbers of troops and tanks is most likely much higher as they are based on wikipedia sources that do not seem to reflect the massive enlargement of the number of tanks and troops that happened just before Cyprus became in 2004 part of the EU.

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