Wilders Koran Movie on Youtube

Dutch politician Geert Wilders is going to release is Koran documentary the end of this month. The movie will document why the Koran is a "terrible fascist book" that still is inspires people to horrific acts.

As a show of complete submission, the Dutch government has public said it does not the film to be made. They say, it will provoke terrorism and hostile reactions. Thus although it's one of the most discussed movies of The Netherlands, it's now seems that the 10 minute movie will not be shown on Dutch television.

None of the many government subsidized outlets want to show it and none of the 8 commercial stations. I guess the government subsidized outlets don't want are scared for both Muslims as the government. As are the commercial stations who also understand it is commercially not smart to move against a government who tightly regulates you're branch and who's one of you're biggest advertisers.

Thus now Geert Wilders has announced he will publish it on his website and on Youtube (apparently not knowing about their banning policy).

More on this here.

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