Al Qaeda has a fatwa for Wilders (and the Netherlands)

The SITE Intelligence Group has discovered a call for the 'slaughter' of Geert Wilders on the Al-Qaeda linked website Elsevier reports (NL):
The international terror betwork Al-Qaeda calls upon muslims to 'slaughter' the PVV politician Geert Wilders for insulting islam and the prohpet Muhammed.

The call is published on the protected part of the muslim-extremist website, which is linked to Al-Qaeda. The Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding (NCTb) 'knows about this specific threat', according to a spokespreson.

'In the name if Allah, we ask you to bring us the throat of this infidel that insults islam and muslims and ridicules tha prophet Muhammed', reportedly is the text on the site.

The calls for jihad against a Dutch politician, posted on January 28, was discovered by the American research institute SITE Intelligence Group.


On the Al-Qaeda site the link is made between Wilders' film and the murder of film maker Theo van Gogh.


Van Goghs murder, Muhammed Bouyeri, is called an 'examplary muslim' on the site. Other muslims are called upon to 'terrorize' the netherlands to prevent the controversial Quran film.

'We, muslims of the world, must fight against anyone that mocks islam. The Dutch don't want any muslims to exist in their country, because they've become scared of being destroyed by islam,' it is written on the site, according to [De Telegraaf].

The NCTb says it is 'closely' following the story, according to a spokesperson: 'We account for everything in our assessment of the threat to mister Wilders.'
I am actually surprised this hasn't happened sooner...

[UPDATE001 Wed 27-2] And to add insult to injury, our brave cabinet let Wilders know he's damaging the country with his film and faces possible prosecution over it. Ferdy has the story here.

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