American Leadership

As I see it, America is our last and best hope to save us all. In this I'm not only referring to the Islamic threat. Although important, this is just a symptom of Western decline in general and a direct result of lack of leadership from the head of the Western world. That is: lack of American leadership.

That's why I like Bush. He turned America back on the path of leadership of Western civilization. Not many will agree with me in Europe, but that's because Europe has gone of that trail a long time ago. But the strong opposition in America also shows this change is not yet consolidated in the US it self. Thus the next elected US president will be very important in this regard.

Like many people who take the Islamic war against the West seriously, I liked Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. I did not forget how he refused after the attack of 9/11 to take the blood money offered by a Saudi Prince. The prince had declared that the attacks were the result of American foreign policy. He showed an attitude that many lack today. For a while it looked like as if he could be that leader that will take the Bush policy to the next level.

But apparently he couldn't. Thus I'm with Mark Steyn when he laments the loss of Rudy. Now what? We seem to be left with two possible Republican candidates: Mitt Romney and John McCain. Neither seems to be a very convincing conservative candidate. No galvanized base this time, I guess. Thus the best we can hope for is that they continue the path Bush started.

The normally so principled Charles of Littlegreenfootballs is voting for Mitt Romney. Not out of conviction, but because he is more electable. That is I guess the worst possible reason to select a candidate. Remember John Kerry? He could also not convince either but he was said to be electable. Well, he wasn't.

My favorite is the candidate that solidly supports the current war efforts. That's why I favor John McCain, who unlike Mitt Romney does not waiver in the face of some public opinion polls that show that cut and run is popular. A war president with a timetable for withdrawal, even a secret one, is not committed to the war effort. One can even question if it's ethical to let soldiers die for something even the president does not really believe in. Check out his TV interview:

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