And on dhimmi's being proud of it

Openings shot of Geert Wilder his Koran movie named Fitna
Wilders announced anti-islam film 'Fitna' continues to elicit curious responses from quarters in Dutch society who haven't got a clue how to deal with Dutch contemporary problems.

The latest effort in a 'counter-Wilders-film' produced by the Dutch Catholic broadcaster KRO. And this one deserves to be named the absolute low point in Christian dhimmi groveling: Catholic broadcaster to produce film on violent Bible (NL).
The KRO's 'counterfilm' will link violent and intolerant Bible texts to current events, reports the Volkskrant.

Peter de Kok, the broadcasters spokesperson, didn't want to confirm or deny the imminent film. 'We are in the process if reviewing a number of concepts and ideas on how to react to the film by Geert Wilders.'

The bible film, much as Wilders' film, will be about 15 minutes long. According to the [Volkskrant], the KRO is working hard, because the broadcaster wants the film to be finished before Wilders, who hopes to broadcast Fitna in March.

KRO president Koen Becking, a 38-year old politicologist, is enthusiastic about the plan, according to the [Volkskrant].
It really has come to this. The multicultural rot has eaten its way into minds of the guardians of Dutch culture to such an extent that we have a (nominally) christian organisation pre-emptively bashing Christiantity to ingratiate itself with islam and the upholders of cultural marxism.

[INSTANT UPDATE] And speaking of counter-films, the most recent one, a humorless and spiteful piece of crap that can be viewed here, was evidently materially supported by the NOS (NL. The NOS is similar to Britains BBC. In more ways then one, I might add). At th time of the making of 'Tegenfilm' (Counter-film), one of its maker, Ersin Kiris, was a fulltime editor of the NOS 8 o'clock news. Moreover, NOS logos and backdrops were used in this 'counterfilm', despite obvious breech of copyright issues.

The NOS denies any involvement in the film, claiming Kiris has been 'ill' for months and not working for the NOS. Besides, his contract is terminated per March 31st of this year. But the PVV is having none of it: If Kiris is not working for the NOS and the NOS is not involved, then how was this film, and especially the 8 o'clock news segments, made?

The PVV has written the minister of Media, Ronald Plasterk, with a number questions, the most important being whether this government thinks that the production of the overly propagandistic Tegenfilm, which was financed with a copious amount of subsidy, was a fair and justified use of public money.

[UPDATE001 Wed 27-2] Ach, how sad. The catholic anti-bible movie is not to be. From the KRO's own site (NL):
After extensive consultation journalists of various departments of the KRO have decided to not make a film about the Bible. [...]

After elaborate research the link between Bible quotes and current political events and acts of violence did not produce a sufficient basis for a sound journalistic production.

It was the goal of the KRO project to deliver a contribution to the discussion on the method that Geert Wilders (...) wants to apply in his film about the Quran. This goal would, in the eyes of the KRO journalsists, not be sufficiently met.
You mean they didn't find wide spread riots, murder and mayhem in relation to Piss Christ, The Life of Brian or Jesus on a Leash (1)? Color me flabberfasted...

(1) From the TV program 'God bestaat niet' (God does not exist), RVU, 2005, The Netherlands

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