The Danish example

Denmark has this last week and a half experienced some Slotervaart like riots, except they were much more severe. But where Amsterdam authorities refused to make arrests, for fear of giving the rioters 'a podium', authorities in Denmark are taking a more robust stance.

Via Gates of Vienna we get two pieces of news that would be shocking in the sense of reality they displays, had they been from anywhere else in the EUnion (or the US for that matter).

First, building corporations managing the rentals in quarters where the rioting occurs have vowed to evict proven rioters. And not just the rioters, but their families as well, in the case of minors.
Housing administrators in most of Denmark are ready to act against the troublemakers behind the arson and destruction in Denmark during the past week.

The young troublemakers, who have caused destruction in most major cities, risk being evicted from their apartments.

Some administrators have already made up their minds to evict the rioters and their families, while others are seriously considering following this line.
And if that were not shocking enough, the Danish leader of the Socialists came out publicly, saying he is fed up with Hizb ut-Tahrir and like-minded elements within the Danish muslim community. Yes, you read that correctly: In Denmark, even the left-wing is so fed up with the more... errhm... strident elements within islam, that they openly tell them to go somewhere else:
If they are so flatheaded that they really want the caliphate and the sharia they should go to Iran or Saudi Arabia, writes SF’s [The Socialist Peoples Party’s] leader about the extreme muslim organization.

Villy Søvndal“Hizb-ut-Tahrir is not only wrong — they have simply come to the wrong country. They have nothing to do in Denmark, and they will not achieve their goals, writes Villy Søvndal in his blog, and continues:

“There are countries in the world that are much closer to the wet dreams of these fools. So if the wish is caliphate or sharia — then their potential is much, much bigger for example in Iran or Saudi Arabia. So from here a clear request: ‘Move on — and it can’t happen fast enough!’“

The leader of SF has this announcement for “the ordinary Danes, who with good reason are very tired of HuT’s grotesque viewpoints and insane demonstrations: There are a lot of us who feel the same way. I am tired of them too! Therefore let us together send them a clear message: Your benighted state of idiocy has no place on earth, because in the long run nobody wants to live in captivity, ignorance and your pathetic clumsiness”


“To those who feel attracted by HuT and who meet resistance in their life — as every human meets resistance in life: Get out of the role of victim. Get out of the Middle Ages. Have the courage to use your common sense. Acknowledge the historic superiority of democracy, acknowledge the authority and equality of women, acknowledge sensibility and knowledge as the foundation to meet other people. Then, everything is going to be all right.”
I know, one swallow, even a Danish one, does not a summer make. But here's hoping that the Danes will prove to be trend-setters, much in the way tey are in furniture design, and their example will eventually be emulated elsewhere in the EUnion, Europe and the world.

It really is that simple: All one has to do is to admit 'I am tired of them too!'. You are not a racist to realize you've been bending over backwards to accomodate them and there's no more bending to be had.

All the problems we have with integration, with religious matters, with anti-social behavior in relation to 'allochtones' can be reduced to: People with an Islamic background and those that for ideological reasons, refuse to confront them. In the mid-eighties the Netherlands saw a large influx of Syrian Orthodox Turks, especially in the east of Holland. We have a pretty large Ghanese community mainly centered on Amsterdam. The Chinese and Vietnamese are a thriving and visible part of every day life of Holland. None of these has shown the problems we refer to when talking about the 'allochtone problem'.

It's time that we break out of the patterns established by the Gutmenschen that framed public thinking in the 90's of last century. Islam is not a race and critical questions about it is not racism (or 'islamophobia'). It would behoove people like Wouter Bos, Job Cohen and Piet-Hein Donner to study closely what is happening in Denmark. If one really is committed to 'social justice', one does not allow one particular group special priveliges. Even under threats of violence. People with spines can bend only so much.

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