Don’t even mention Wilders

If you support Muslim sensitivities, you still can get into trouble with them. It's enough to just mention the name Wilders, even if you oppose him, just naming him can make you a target too.

After Geert Wilders registered, a leftist blog named Hersenscheet (English: brainfart) registered the Dutch domain: On the website they showed with Youtube an anti Wilders film. But their new website got hacked and their page was replaced with the text: “hacked by YSKORPYTX, Turk Hacker, The Islam is superior you will draw your own punishment”, complemented with an avatar welding a big axe.

In the anti Wilders film, made with Dutch government money, also some native Dutch girls can be seen in support of Geert Wilders. Todays Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reports that the girls are now under threat and can’t go to school any more. They complain that their supportive answer for Wilders where heavily distorted by the film editors. They also had no idea they where recorded for a film like this. They were told, it was just a school project.

But Bart Römer, director of ‘multi cultural Television Netherlands’ who produced the anti Wilders film, wants none of it. He has seen the raw footage and says there is no evidence that the girls aren't supportive of Wilders. “bad luck for them if they think otherwise”. Of course nobody complains about this governmental propaganda that is harming the safety of Dutch folks.

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