Dutch blogs in trouble

This last week saw a curious crack down on Dutch blogs that do not quite adhere to the goodthink deemed acceptable by our 'betters'.

Today we learned that Wordpress took down the blog managed by SIOE Nederland. According to Nieuw Religieus Peil (NL) Wordpress took the site down after receiving complaints:
We have received several complaints about your blog including complaints from the Dutch government. Your blog contains "hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable" content which is against our terms of service
After which the good (and brave) people of Wordpress took immediate action, resulting in this:
The governments seeming direct involvement is a bit surprising in its overt character. But not everything is as it seems. Het Vrije Volk initiated an email correspondence with the good people of Wordpress, which can be viewed here. Most telling: The complaint was filed by some busy body at the Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet (Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet).

As Duns Ouray of Het Vrije Volk told Wordpress:
Let me note something crucial. "The Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet" is NOT the Dutch government. It is an independent foundation.

In my personal opinion, it is a foundation of political zealots. They attempt to silence people who do not share their islamist views, by wearing them down with legal action and semi-legal complaints.

The complaint they filed you with is something that I would qualify as semi-legal action. Or political activism.
The complaint by the MDI consisted of taking some comments on posts and of ehm... free? ... translation of Dutch language posts in such a way as to shed as negative a light on it as possible. Naturally, Het Vrije Volk has taken issue with Wordpress's decisions based on such flimsy and false evidence. We'll be tracking this one. In the mean time, SIOE Nederland has found a temporary home here.

Earlier, the Dutch language blog Hoeiboei got into some hot water with their bloghost Web-log. The latter received an email from the burough council of De Baarsjes (who we've written before on this blog. See here and here). One Enver Varisli wants his name removed from a post at Hoeiboei dating back to 2006. Dutch Concerns has the full story. Hoeiboei's own take on the situation (NL) is here.

The funny thing is: In this case, as well as in the SIOE Nederland case, the MDI seems to play a pivotal role, styling itself as the Dutch variant of Orwells thought police. Remember Ezra Levant and the Human Rights Council? We'll be getting some of that in the Netherlands as well.

[UPDATE001 Thursday 07-02] Well, that was fast. SIOE Nederland is back up again. Despite having had no answers to their inquiries with regard to the censorship by the good people of Wordpress. But it is good to see that some measure of blog related indignation is capable of turning injustice (I am looking at you, MDI!) around.

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