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Freedom of speechAmsterdam still is the progressives capital of the world and it shows. Last year they gave all school children a free ticket to Al Gore’s ‘An inconvenient truth’. Now Dutch biggest newspaper, the Telegraaf, reports about Amsterdams latest political indoctrination material they have send to 300 schools in Amsterdam.

The local school directors say they want to prepare the children for the Koran movie made by parliamentary member Geert Wilders. A movie they have not seen yet, but who they know is anti Islamic. The material they prepared is about “freedom of speech, religion, politics, conversation and emotion”.

Their message to the children is that all religions are equal. To manage anger and frustration the kids are told to talk and respect each others opinions. Well not all other opinions, as is illustrates by an cartoon that shows Wilders, prime minister Balkenende and a-social family that does not want to have anything to do with a descent Muslim kid.

Government cartoon
Dutch government pro muslim cartoon
Translation: "Hi I'm Adir, a Muslim", "What do you have against us?", "Mischief maker!!", "Get him dad!"

“But how far can this go, giving one’s own opinion?” is the question for the children. Answer: “If you really say bad stuff about somebody, it hurts that other persons feelings. That person might not dare to say anything back anymore, because he is scared to be hurt again. In a situation like that, there is not much freedom of speech left”.

Thus the Amsterdam school children are told that freedom of speech is that you can say what you want, but that you should stop saying what you want if others don’t like what you say (The untold presumption is of course, that if Muslims hear stuff they don’t like, they could get hurt, radicalize and become terrorists).

On the next page, also the last page of the material they write: “Unfortunately there are politicians who think they can become popular if they are very negative about certain groups of people. They think you should be allowed to say anything, even if it hurts others peoples feelings. But that does not make The Netherlands a better place to live. Before you know it, they turn people against each other.”

In defense of the material the Amsterdam government says the letter to the school children is not only about the opinions of Geert Wilders...

Dutch weblog geenstijl has an electronic copy of the school material.

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Rhlt410 zei

It's all too crazy now! The Truth is Falsehood, And Falsehood is Truth, according to liberal IDIOTS.
The only way for Holland, and other European nations, experiencing the Islamic Scourge to return to normalcy is to produce many more Geert Wilders and Ewald Stadlers ( Austrian braveheart).
These are the Heroes who will save our Western Nations!


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