Jihad against Wilders

While Dutch news papers opened today with headlines like “Jihad against Wilders” and “Al-Qaeda gives dead penalty” (see Kleinverzet story here), the Dutch still don’t pull together to protect their own freedoms. It's like if it's 1935 all over again. The Dutch just don't want any fuss.

Dutch foreign affairs minister VerhagenThus Dutch ministers Hirsh Ballin (Justice) and Verhagen (Foreign affairs), as real dhimmis should, told parliamentary member Geert Wilders this week, they are expecting much damage because of his film. They fear for the reputation of the Netherlands, trade and the Dutch abroad.

Dutch justice minister hirsch ballinIn the same conversation justice minister Hirsh Ballin warned Wilders that they can prosecute him. His justices are already investigating if they can prosecute him for voiced opinions about Islam in the past. Wilders has complained about the intimidation of the Dutch government.

Wilders is also struggling to get his 15 minutes film broadcasted in The Netherlands. Although at the same time, a lot of tax payers money is already spend on anti-Wilders films. The latest of these kind of initiatives is from the Dutch catholic public broadcaster named KRO. They announced only days ago, to work on a 45 minute film. “The film will couple violent and intolerant bible text to current events, just like the film of Party For Freedom leader Wilders does with the Koran” a newspaper reported.

But now, only a few days later, the broadcaster changed it's mind and announced on it's website: that after “extensive research about the coupling of bible citation to actual political events and violence resulted in a lack of facts for a journalistically approvable production”.

Meanwhile Dutch papers report about cities that want to allow burqini's in Dutch public swimming pools... sight...

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ur mom zei

"The film will couple violent and intolerant bible text to current events" The bible text isn't current, so relating it to recent events is like beating a muslim...... fuck it. I hope u political pieces of shit get nuked before you cause anymore harm to society.


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