Kosovo and the failure of multi-culturalism

Both US president Bush and US foreign minister Rice hailed Kosovo as a shining example of 'multi-ethnicity'. But things are not as birght as they seem. Via commenter WoAD we come to Thomas Landen and on Brussels Journal and Amnation, respectively.

Mr. Landen argues that far from being an independent state, Kosovo is in fact no more then a vasal state of the EUnion.
As Daniel Hannan points out at his blog Kosovo has not at all become “proud, independent, sovereign and free.” It has become “an EU satrapy. Its subordination is reinforced by its symbols. Its flag is a variant on the EU emblem: stars on a blue background. And, at its independence ceremony, the EU anthem, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, was played.” In today’s Guardian John Laughland, too, refers to the “postmodern” nature of the new state. Kosovo’s sovereignty is a “fiction,” he writes: “In order to symbolise its status as the newest Euro-Atlantic colony, Kosovo has chosen a flag modelled on that of Bosnia-Herzegovina – the same EU gold, the same arrangement of stars on a blue background. For Bosnia, too, is governed by a foreign high representative, who has the power to sack elected politicians and annul laws, all in the name of preparing the country for EU integration.”

(Bosnia, like Belgium and the future European superstate, is an artificial construct, a state without a nation. It was created by NATO troops in 1992 as another American-European experiment in multi-nationalism.)

Amnation reports some severe, and justified, doubts about the multi-cultural character of Kosovo.
Bush wrote. "I fully welcome this sentiment. In particular, I support your embrace of multi-ethnicity as a principle of good governance and your commitment to developing accountable institutions in which all citizens are equal under the law."


Wait just a minute, Mr. Multiculturalist-In-Chief! Kosovo is reported to be about 95 percent Albanian Muslim, and just five percent Serb. That's about as non-multicultural as say, Clinton's Chappaqua NY! In reality Kosovo should be seen as the total failure of multiculturalism, to the point that a specific ethnicity will form an entirely new country with as little diversity as possible. It's a shame that the winner in the end is Islam. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years, after things calm down, Kosovo starts talking about a Dhimmi Tax on its Serb minority.
And, as John Zmirak (via BJ) points out: What is happening in Kosovo may very well be a glimpse of things to come in the rest of the Europe.

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