This week: Fitna the movie

Fitna the movie - openings shot

[UPDATE Thursday 27-3] Fitna is out on LiveLeak.

Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders has announced that his Islam critical film named “Fitna” will be ready at the end of this week. The film, he announced, will soon have it’s own website:

Revealing fact is that the Dutch parliamentary member choose to host the website not from a server in The Netherlands, but from a server located in North America. Presumably to hold it out of reach of the Dutch government.

Next week, says Wilders, he will start negotiating with Dutch broadcasters to get his 15 minute film broadcasted in The Netherlands. A process that, according to him, can take up to several weeks. This could be sign that the movie will not be released the end of this week. But it could also be a way to put pressure on the Dutch broadcasters who don’t want to broadcast the whole movie, because they all politically oppose Wilders, but who at the same time would even sell their own mother for a scoop.

We keep you posted about the developments around the film Fitna. In the meantime, if people like to provide some free PR to the movie, they should create as many back links as possible to the website "fitna the movie". This can be done by simply placing links to This can be done on you're personal blog, other people's blog comments, discussion forums, websites, etc.

Update: unfortunately Geert Wilders is not very web 2.0 savvy, not even web 0.1 savvy I guess. Although he announced the website days ago, it still is not operational. Is he thinking that getting a domain name is the same as setting up a website?

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