Under Minster threatens Wilders with prosecution

Ahmed Aboutaleb showing one of his two passports after questions about his loyalty to The Netherlands
Under the banner of “EU-Arab League” there was this week an Eurabia meeting. All countries did send their foreign Ministers, except Holland. They did sends their under minister of Social affairs. Strange as this may sound, this is quite logical. Because the under minister of Social affairs is named Ahmed Aboetaleb and is a Muslim with both a Dutch and Moroccan passport. Of course, foreign minister Verhagen said he had more pressings matters but Ahmed him self acknowledged that being an Arab and a Moslem played a role.

That Dutch move was not for nothing. As can be expected some Muslim countries took offense of Netherlands being a free society, unlike their own, a country where it’s still possible to criticize Islam. Thus Syria, Egypt and Morocco bullied The Netherlands and took offense of the fact that Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders had announced plans of releasing a Koran critical movie named “Fitna”.

The Dutch government does not want trouble in Eurabia and always try the give and take game. Thus they send cowardly under minister of social affairs Ahmed. Who explained to the Times of Malta (no Dutch news paper reported the story):

"My role in this discussion here is to explain to our Arab friends that we have a Constitution in which freedom of speech is guaranteed... which means that there is no need, especially, so far (since the film has not been released yet) for the government to intervene," he said.
"We cannot and do not want to intervene," he insisted, stressing, however, that the case could still be brought before the courts on grounds of racial hatred or discrimination.

How remarkable, the Dutch government can not stop it, but promises law suites! The Dutch under minister also told the new paper that Geert Wilders and his party is tiny and that he only wants to provoke and added:

"If there will be a [violent] retaliation, it would be exactly what Wilder wants"

Geert Wilders now has asked parliamentary questions about this incident. He want to know if Ahmed did make these statements in which he emphasized the possibility of prosecution. If so, he asks, does the government realize then that these threats are nothing less then intimidating a chosen parliamentary member? He also ask the government, if this is a show of double loyalty of Ahmed. Because Ahmed is also a Moroccan, who needs to be loyal to his Moroccan nationality. Geert Wilders asks for his resignation.

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