6 million Dutch want to see Fitna

Fitna the movie

Dutch opinion pollster pijl.nl researched how many Dutch people planned to see Geert Wilders his Islam critical film named Fitna. The result is astonishing. Never before so many Dutch wanted all to see the same movie. More than 6 million people (41%) plan to see it. Of course MSM directly tried to turn the story around in it's opposite, claiming: “Half of the Dutch [population] do not [want to] watch Fitna film”.

There is something terribly wrong with how Dutch media is organized. If one views The Netherlands as a free and democratic country, how is it then possible that none of the TV outlets want to show a movie 6 million people want to see? They only show us government funded political productions that oppose the movie.

Either way, with numbers like these for Holland alone, Geert Wilders better finds himself a real good hosting provider for his video stream! But which one? It is said, Youtube is unreliable and might even ban the islam critical film. One thing is certain, he is not going to be able to use his 9.96$/mo shared hosting account from Network Solutions that is currently serving his Fitna site.

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