Dear Beth Twitty

Natalee Holloway Year Book Photo
Here's an other message of Dutch prime minister Balkenende or is it somebody else:

You don't know us, but we do know you. We saw you on the Peter R. de Vries programme on Dutch television. A devastated mother watching the Joran Confession Tapes, finding out her daughter was left unconscious on an Aruban beach en dumped at sea by a friend of Joran van der Sloot. We saw your tears, we felt your agony. But your suffering is far from over. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you have to know this. In Holland, an 'artist' is making fun over your beloved Natalee, and another guy is taking pictures of it en puts them om Flickr. At an art exhibition in Rotterdam they exposed a supposedly dead girl wearing white undies. A cardboard sign tells it's Natalee Holloway. People watching this 'exhibition' are laughing at the corpse. It's not a fun image to watch, and if you don't want, please do not click HERE. The name of the photographer is Francisco van Jole. He's a nut case journalist, talk show host and a sick f*ck for putting this on the internet. Here's a picture of Van Jole. Please do understand most of the Dutch are normal people, and we by all means think this isn't funny or art. We already asked the Van Jole asshole to remove the pictures. Maybe you, as Natalees mum, can write him a letter and tell this s.o.b. to delete the pictures. You can contact the Van Jole guy at his website.

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