Dear prime minister, what of your responsibility?

On Dhimmi Watch Hugh Fitzgerald takes the Dutch government to task over their reaction to the Wilders film, including the possible ban on Fitna. He has a stark reminder of the responsibility of our government as the government of a Western nation:
This has to be understood. If the Netherlands, and if the countries of NATO (who are now involved), cannot permit, and will by fiat end, freedom of speech when it comes to perfectly legitimate criticism of Islam, then the civilization of the West will have suffered an immense blow. Not everyone will mind, or even notice. Some will tell themselves that this "right-wing" politician Wilders was looking to stir up trouble by criticising Islam. And if he was? Isn't it better that the "trouble" be stirred up now, while the West can still defend itself, especially within its own lands, but can do so only if it recognizes the meaning, and the menace of Islam and Jihad?
Read it all.

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