Dutch government discussing censorship rules

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the Dutch government has researched how they can ban the Islam critical movie Fitna of parliamentary member Geert Wilders (PVV). The government thinks they have found lawful ways to invoke censorship rules in the Netherlands. But the Dutch government, a coalition of Christian Democrats (CDA), Socialist (PvdA) and the tiny Christian Union (CU) has not yet reached consensus on how to do it, say sources close to the government. The Christian parties support censorship of Muslim critical expressions, they want to invoke National Security articles for suppressing them. Although some socialist in the government agree with that approach others do not. Socialist vice premier Wouter Bos, does not want preventive measures, he wants to legally prosecute Wilders after the releases of his 15 minute Islam critical film. But that will not be possible, if the movie is censored preventively. He also points out that the Islamic governments have some responsibility to prevent anti Dutch violence.

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