Dutch forces in Afghanistan: building Mosques

Mosque in Holland or Afghanistan?Simple souls, like my self, might think that you have to fight the Taliban in order to win this war. Only when you show you’re the strongest tribe in the area, you will win the harts and minds of the local Afghans. But that’s of course not inline with the sophisticated Dutch ‘intellectuals’. They think, we should first ‘win the harts and minds’, not by show of force of course, but by being ‘nice’.

Being nice to Muslims, means building and improving mosques. That’s how we do it in The Netherlands and that’s how we do it in Afghanistan. Dutch military strategy is build around the ‘reconstruction’ teams, they should win the harts and minds of the Afghani people and thus they are building mosques.

But now Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reports: "Mosque builders are kicked in the back". It turns out that the mosques, with which the Dutch wanted to win the harts and minds of the Afghani people, are often in the hands of imams in favor of the Taliban. Thus our nice new Philips amplifiers, are not only used for calls to prayer, but also for calls to jihad. Mobilizing the Afghani against the Dutch army and other ISAF forces.

It's that ancient law, good intentions don’t automatically translate in good results. Thus the Dutch change their strategy. From now on they will not only improve the mosques, they will also pay for the education of the imams. The Uruzgan governor Hamdam has promised the Dutch, that the newly educated imams will be less hostile...

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