False media: Burka item is a fraud

Dutch TV production company 101.tv (NL) recently shot an item for broadcaster BNN in which an actress dressed in a burka 'accidentily' dropped her groceries. The aim of the item was to register the publics willingness to help the burka-clad lady. Which in the item seemed to be non-existent. Passers-by were seen to walk by with not so much as looking at the poor woman trying to gather her groceries.

But surprise: Not everything is as it seems. Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 (NL) filmed the shooting of the item and showed that several members of the public tried to help the woman, but were yelled at by the director to keep moving because 'we're shooting a film'. More pictures can be found here. Anyone want to venture a guess who the character standing on the ledge in front of the store window is?

101.tv chief editor Paul van Keulen is not impressed by the accusations of staging. He maintains passers-by only started helping when the crew of AT5 arrived (NL). The failure to include helping hands in the end cut of the item are due to the makers 'inexperience'.

Another day, another member of the multi-cult pissing all over their own... sigh...

[UPDATE001 Sat 9-3] The AT5 TV item is now up on YouTube. In NL without subtitles, I'm afraid. But the important bits need no translation.

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