Fitna banned from Dutch Television

The Islam critical film Fitna is one of the most talked about issues in the Netherlands. Many Dutch people have become very curious and want to see the film. But Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant now reports that the Islam critical film of Geert Wilders will not be broadcast on Dutch television. Neither the government funded public broadcasters nor any of the tightly regulated commercial stations want to air it. Although government funded anti-Fitna films already where broadcast before.

It is said that Wilders now plans to launch his short film on the internet during a press conference later this month. Thanks to the internet, the government can not totally stifle the freedom of expression.

Update: Reuters reports ->

Dutch want Koran film shown

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A majority of Dutch people want an anti-Koran film made by a politician to be broadcast even though they fear it will stoke tension with Muslims and harm relations with Arab countries, a poll showed on Wednesday.


The poll by TNS NIPO for RTL television showed that 54 percent thought the film should be broadcast although 76 percent expected it to increase tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims and 74 percent saw worsening relations with Arab nations.

The survey of 600 people conducted on February 29 showed that 68 percent expected a boycott like that seen against Denmark after cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed appeared in a Danish newspaper.

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