Fitna: Not even a press conference

"Muslims of all nations!!."
".. there's a really, really offending film coming!.."
".. I repeat: .."

Geert Wilders keeps meeting enormous friction towards him and is film criticizing Islam, Fitna.

After Wilders could not find a Dutch public broadcaster to show the film on TV in its entirety, the plan to organize a press conference in which he would formally premier Fitna is being dragged down by impossible security demands (NL):
Last week press center "De Nieuwspoort" in The Hague said that Wilders was welcome to hold a press conference for his film.

However, on the condition that the politician would guarantee security in and around the building, including for the period before and after the presentation.

The PVV leader has calculated that such will cost him 300,000 to 400,000 euros. 'This way it is an impossibility', according to Wilders.

'I'd very much like to hold a press conference for the film, it's part of it. But it shouldn't cost me tons of money for security. I can't afford to and I don't want to pay.'
And it is of course a complete coincidence that one of the members on the board of "De Nieuwspoort" is Joop Atsma, prominent Second Chamber MP for the CDA, the party that gave us our brave, intrepid prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende (pictured). Wilders is now looking to release Fitna on the internet before the end of the month. He has said that he will not try to seek a new venue for a press conference, because negotiations will take too much time.

Meanwhile the international pressure is building as well. Last week our brave and intrepid PM scurried off to France to beg president Sarkozy for support. And unfortunately he got it.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday voiced his solidarity with Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who fears a Muslim backlash over a film criticising Islam made by a far-right Dutch MP.

Sarkozy assured Balkenende of his "support" over lunch at the Elysee Palace, saying he was "highly aware of the question of Islam's place in European societies, and French society in particular," a presidential spokesman said.
The EU presidency, currently held by Slovenia, followed suit by way of the foreign affairs minister of Slovenia, Dimitrij Rupel.
I don’t understand why people try to make political profit by provocations that upset maybe millions of people.
And in a move that redefines the concept of 'chutzpa' (or 'gotspe' in Dutch) Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari invoked the 1948 Human Rights declaration to call upon te Dutch government to prohibit the release of Fitna. That's right, the country that publicly hangs its homosexuals, executes women for 'adultery' and harasses youn Iranians for not having the right haircut, in short: a regime that drags its muddy boots all over the UN Human Rights declaration now shamelessly uses it to admonish Dutch democracy for being a democracy. Ooh, and if the Dutch don't, Iran promises violence (h/t Dinah Lord).

But back home the cabinets actions are not met with a great deal of support: Voters Punish CDA for Appeasement Politics over Wilders Film.
The Christian democrats (CDA) would only win 29 seats if general elections were held now. The disfavour of the voters is the result of the party's attempts to prevent Geert Wilders's film on the Koran from being shown, pollster Maurice de Hond reported.

Last week, CDA still scored 32 seats. The new result of 29 is the party's lowest score since the spring of 2006. CDA currently has 41 seats in the Lower House, which has 150 members.
The day of reckoning will come yet, my dears.

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