Fitna Roundup

Dutch Flag Burning in Kabul March 21, 2008

Dutch Dhimmi website launched

A group of Dutch leftist started the website: “Wilders Is Not Holland”. Sort of cyberspace white flag for scared people who rather submit than fight for their freedom. The website is of course also available in Arabic.

We, the Dutch who have signed this petition, think it's important to show the world that Geert Wilders and his forthcoming film 'Fitna' do not express the views of everyone in Holland.

Muslims request censorship trial

The Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF), a government subsidized Turkish Muslim group, has gone to the courts to request a censor (NL) for the film Fitna. As far as I know there is no such provision in Dutch law, but they want the movie to be previewed to an ‘independent’ expert who has to judge if the movie is offensive for Muslims. If so, the movie should be banned. They also demand that Geert Wilders stops his offensive remarks about Islam. The court will handle the case, the 28th of March. The organization expects Wilders not to release the move before the date.

Update: In 2005 the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF) made headlines for spreading the Iranian antisimetic propaganda movie "Zahra's Blue eyes". In the film jews harvest the eyes of Muslim Children.

Geert Wilders effigy burning in Kabul

Afganistan and Fitna

Islam prohibits making effigies of people, but that did not stop 5000 Muslims in Kabul to make one of Geert Wilders and burn it (NL). They of course also burned Dutch and Danish flags. There is no report of Dutch or Danish troops restoring the order in the occupied country.

"Police have lost touch with minorities"

While Dutch Muslims go to trial to censor an Islam critical film and other Muslims burn the Dutch flag, The Board of Dutch Police Commissioners worries about the lack if Islam knowledge of their own police officers. Using code language like: “If police officers cannot learn to deal with people of ethnic background better then there is danger of social disruption”.

Whole story at Expatica.

Politicians must announce public appearances

Because of Muslim treats against the Netherlands, Dutch politicians who plan to make public appearances outside the government buildings in the next few months must report their plans to the National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator's office (NCTb).

Whole story at Expatica

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anoniem zei

it's not normal what wilders is doiing but don't blame The Netherlands

Chloe zei

Youuur Evil !!!!

Nananabooobooo zei


Jts4507 zei

fuck you for burning dutch flag u burn in hell satan

Nederlands is better zei

I agree Fuck you! Your just jealous cause nederlands has a better soccer team than u. so Suck it!

Afghan & Dutch zei

I come from Holland and I come from Afghanistan but I don't know for who to choose.

Afghan & Dutch zei

I come from Holland and I come from Afghanistan but I don't know for who to choose.

holland rocks zei

Holland rocks go for holland I come from there to


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