Interview with Geert Wilders in Spectator

Geert WildersDouglas Murray interviewed Geert Wilders for The UK Spectator and titled the result: A film-maker who lives in the shadow of a fatwa. It has some nice quotes of Geert Wilders:

‘The government leaked that the movie was coming,’ says Wilders. ‘Our foreign minister went to Syria and said what they said to every diplomat all over the world... Listen, there is a movie, we are fully against this movie... So they created a huge thing, almost a self-fulfilling prophecy because, thanks to the government, it was now known from Timbuktu to Afghanistan that there will be a movie.’

What is the main message to non-Muslims who will see this film?

‘Stop being a cultural relativist and be proud of who you are, and fight for it’

Read it all here.

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