Justice Minister: Wilders obstructs security preperations

Today justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin again accused (NL) Wilders implicitly of endangering the Dutch people. He thinks it’s wrong that Wilders keeps the content and release date of his Fitna film to him self. By that, the minister explained to parliament, Wilders is obstructing the governments security preparations for the event. Adding to it, that Wilders will thus be even more (held) responsible for the consequences than he already is.

But let’s not forget that it was Hirsch Ballin and the rest of the Dutch government who have done everything to stop the Wilders releasing his film in the first place. It was Hirsh Ballin him selve who has setup a big legal team to investigate how he could ban the film and how to prosecute Wilders for his Islam critical opinions. Wilders can not fairly be expected that he will not use the information against him.

There is actually already proof they misuse information given to them confidentially. When in 2007 Geert Wilders needed to make some security arrangements, in preparation of making the Fitna film, he confidentially informed the National Anti Terrorism coordinator about his plans. At that time, his film plans where still secret and unknown to anybody. But shortly after the confidential conversation, ‘government sources’ showed up in the Dutch press announcing the film, even suggesting that Wilders planned to burn the Koran in the film. That of course gave the needed media attention for the government to launch it’s very own anti Fitna campaign. Or to be more precise, to launch it’s hate campaign against Wilders.

Was this government campaign effective enough? Or will Hirsh Ballin be prove to be to cocky? Clearly he is hoping the Dutch are as ignorant about these facts as he is ignorant about Islam. And let’s face it, in that he has of course a very reliable partner in the MSM. They again and again proof to be reliably be both ignorant and forgetful about facts.

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Rhl2 zei

Hirsch Ballin is a danger to the Dutch people.  If he had his way, Holland would be an Islamic Nation in no time at all...
The subversive Clown must be neutralized, and time is of the essence!


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