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Will Youtube also ban Fitna? Probably. Youtube already started to censor similar Islam critical films. Sagunto writes at "Ayaan Hirsi Ali blog" that his Dutch subtitled version of the film has been banned from Youtube (NL). He also wrote a letter to Robert Spencer who published it at Jihad Watch. Sagunto wrote this letter to Youtube:
Dear people @ Youtube,

Today I received several messages about the hugely popular documentary "Islam, what the West needs to know", which was apparently removed from my account due to inappropriate content (I have to translate here from the message in Dutch which stated: "ongepast materiaal").

The documentary is almost exclusively based on well known Islamic sources themselves, so you might understand that I'm rather curious as to the reasons why these vid's were removed and what exactly was considered offensive or inappropriate material. Do the people at YouTube consider the Koran/Hadith to be offensive? I think the 44.000 people who saw this documentary would be well served if they knew the reasons behind this decision. I'd like to hear from you.

Kind regards,


He did not yet receive a response from Youtube. But people who like to view this Islam realistic (A term coined by Robert Spencer in answer to the incorrect term "Islamophobia") film better be quick and not wait until the Youtube censors removed it. The English versions (without Dutch subs) can still be seen here:

It's seems that blogger Eye-on-the-world had embedded the Youtube movie of Sagunto and named it the Fitna movie. Triggering complaints at Youtube, who then removed it. Thus it seems fair to expect that Youtube will directly ban the real thing as well.

This is not the first time conservative and islam realistic content is removed from Youtube. Maybe conservatives should leave Youtube and go to Live Leak? I have heard good stories about them. Has anybody any negative experiences with them?

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