Network Solutions censors Fitna website

Fitna websites banned by Network SolutionsThe website is taken off-line by it's United States based hosting provider "Network Solutions". The website only announced the Islam critical film Fitna of Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders and had no content besides a single page with the text: "Fitna, coming soon". Still Network Solutions claims it needs to investigate if the site violates Network Solutions acceptable use policy and replaced the website with a page with the following text:

This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site's content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation. For more information about Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy visit the following URL:

Hosted by Network Solutions.

Censorship for Islam in the United States in America? Yes really!

Remember Network Soultions does also host (english version here). Proof can be found here in the Whois database.

Apparently organizing and inciting to violence is worse that being the victim of it. Network Solutions spokes person Susan Wade told the Washington Post they are investigating the matter but that "In the meantime, she said, a decision was made to deactivate the site given the potential violence that the movie could spark.".

I suggest we use, our blog power. Network Solutions is one of the United States biggest Hosting providers. They should stand up for freedom instead of suppressing it. This is nothing less than bowing for terrorist and other abusers of freedom. Please urge everybody to contact Network Solutions and let them know what you think about censorship by filling out their contact form:

Network Solutions Contact Form.

See also: The Network Solutions Blog (You can comment!)

(Sample letter can be found at World Divided)

Network Solutions can also be reached by e-mail:
Toll free by phone: 1-800-333-7680 and 1-800-361-5712, outside the US: 1-570-708-8788.

Network Solutions Horror Stories reports that you can reach the executive Center at 1-570-708-8700, just ask for Rick at ext 8162 or Kim at 8162.

Be nice, don't be hostile. Reasonable complaints are far more likely to help.

Spread the word!

Dutch news website contacted Wilders, but the politician says he has no idea what's going on at Network Solutions. He is investigating the matter and says: "How many possible ways are their for sabotage? If everything fails, I will go hand out DVD in public myself. What a world are we living in?"

"In spite of all obstruction, I will not give up, Fitna will be seen soon" Geert Wilders emphasized.

Provider Network Solutions could not be reached for comments.

Update (2):
Michelle Malkin has more on this story, linking to a website that published an interview with Network Solutions about the upcoming Fitna website, that is, before they banned it.

Update (3): Blogburst Protest Against Network Solutions for Censoring has started a blogburst to protest Network Solutions censorship and says: "We need to band together". He already canceled his accounts at Network Solutions.

Join the US blogburst here

You can also join the kleinverzet blogburst
(just leave a link to you're blog in the comments!)

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Update (4): breaks the news that Network Solutions does host the domain (English version here) - view whois !

Update (5): Fitna Hoax websites
You can buy an internet domain in 5 minutes and at the same time have a hosting solution as well. As it is so easy, it has resulted in many, many, fake Fitna websites. Some like even copied the images and HTML files of the original site (but added a fake release date). But that does not make it more real than the other fakers. A quick check in the whois database shows, this site is also not registered by Geert Wilders but some UK person who names him self Los Bol (That translates in Dutch as a name for an intemperate person).

Update (6): Network Solutions demands insight in the content of the upcoming Fitna film
Dutch biggest weblog (NL) contacted Network Solutions. The spokes person of Network Solutions told them that after extensive deliberations they decided to pull the plug and censor the Fitna website. Not only because they got hundreds of complains, it also was a financial decision. The spokes person is quoted saying: "In the end, we as hosting provider are responsible for the content of the website. When somebody, after repeated questions from our side, does not provide answers about it's content, we have to conclude that the content is against our policies."

It's seems that the leftist at Youtube are also not willing to host the movie either. But I would like to say to Geert Wilders: please don't go hand out the DVD's yourself! That's just so old fashioned and so web 0.0001. Just walk to you're PC in you're parliamentary office, download e-mule and release Fitna by bittorent. You can even place a eD2k link on you're website so people can easily find the file. This P2P stuff has the best bandwidth scaling there is, the more people start downloading you're relatively small film, the faster it becomes! You as a seeder only need some very limited initial bandwidth usage. True it's a bit geeky. But who cares? The geeks who download it, will certainly put it on all kind of other video servers around the world, don't worry!

Update (7): Czech nationalist party to release anti-Islamic film on website
Don't know who they are, but I bet they don't have a dozen racks filled with servers. But maybe they are willing to rack up a few hundredth thousand dollars for the needed bandwidth? Full story: here.

Update (8): Network Solutions also registrar of brotherhood website
Dutch website Nieuw Religieus Peil (NL) reports that Network Solutions is not only the registrar of but also of the worlds biggest extremist Islam site The site is owned by Yusuf al-Qaradawi the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and employs more than 800 full time Muslim radicals. Network Solution has a history of supporting Jihad websites reports weblog Flanderfields.

Update (9): Network solutions has recently been acquired by General Atlantic
Hennessy's View reports that Network Solutions, the Herndon, Virginia-based Internet serviced provider has recently been purchased by General Atlantic, who should hear from you.

The Jawa reports explains that Network Solutions was sold to General Atlantic by Najafi Companies (formerly Pivotal Private Equity) for $800 million. “Najafi” is also a name with Persian/Shia etymology, meaning “of Najaf” if I am interpreting right. It’s also noteworthy that when global equity firms buy companies, they typically leave old management in place and just insert their controlling influence in the board of directors.

Update (10): Network Solutions explains censorship to Washington Post
Network Solutions spokeswoman Susan Wade said the company has received numerous complaints about the Web site over the past three weeks, though she declined to discuss the exact number or nature of those complaints. She said the company was still investigating whether the site violated its acceptable use policy. In the meantime, she said, a decision was made to deactive [SIC] the site given the potential violence that the movie could spark. She said Wilders could still access the site himself and was free to move or redirect its content to another domain. [NOTE: they thus prohibit Geert Wilders to take the domain away or use it with an other hosting provider]

"When you look at the history and violence surrounding this particular situation...some of the bad things that have happened or could happen, that was part of what we were thinking in suspending the Web site," Wade said. "We felt it was best to take it down while we continued our investigation."

Prior to the site's shuttering this weekend, its only content was a picture of a gilded Koran along with the text "Allahu Akhbar," (God is Great), and the words "Geert Wilders presents Fitna - Coming Soon."

Whole story can be read here.

Update (11): Jawa Report - My Conversation With Network Solutions
I just spent 30-40 minutes on the phone with Network Solutions (based in PA), complaining about their removal of the website.
Ultimately, I was only able to get as high as a woman named Shannon, the Assistant to the Executive Officer (his name is Roy Dunbar), who gave me a polite brush off, without actually answering any of my questions.

But I was making her very uncomfortable...I could actually hear her blanching over the phone!

Read full story @ The Jawa Report

Update (12): Network Solutions press release
In the press release, Network Solutions defense it's decision to preemptively pull the plug from the Fitna website they host. Saying that's not censorship to preemptively shutdown the Fitna website. They had after all demanded a preview of the film, but Geert Wilders didn't give them one. Just to let you know: Network Solution does NOT CENSOR. They just want to approve you're content before you publish it.

Network Solutions message on


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