No Fitna during the Easter weekend?

Fitna the movie (Geert Wilders)

Nobody knows yet what the content of Geert Wilders' Islam critical film Fitna will be. Many worry about it. Leftist even oppose it, together with the other true believers. Threats of violence have already been issued. A fact that left the Dutch government scared. That fear clearly did not give them wings.

Of course this whole circus already proved one point of Wilders. The Islamic faith produces intolerance, hate and violence. Some thus think, a film is not even needed anymore. It can only result in anti climax, they think. Thus, they argue, this Fitna thing might just be a Aprils fools joke. Maybe even Bin Laden holds this for possible. That is, if he is not dead, already. After all, his latest jihad calls threatened Denmark, but not Holland.

Anyway, Geert Wilders cleared things up yesterday on his weblog Writing that Fitna is not a April fools joke and that the movie will be released before the 1st of April. Ending his blog entry by whishing everybody a happy Easter: “a time for friends and family”. Apparently not a time for Fitna.

Happy Easter!

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